I doubt if anybody associated hustle with hard work, a few years back. Several entrepreneurs made the word popular – hustle. Don’t quote me on this. 😛

And as the trend goes, several other wannabes took up the word, use it more often than the original creators ever did and do just that – use the word and do nothing, in actual.

Today, I am going to talk about that. How people are using this word as a facade and as an excuse!

Just because, you’re using this word, you don’t really become Gary Vaynerchuck. Just because, you’re saying you’re hustling, doesn’t mean you really are.

what does not count as hustle?

Here are 4 things that certainly do not count as hustling!

  1. Work At Late Nights

Just because a techie does a night shift doesn’t mean he’s working harder than others. It’s as simple as that.

The trend is specifically common in bloggers and internet entrepreneurs (or let’s just say wannabe entrepreneurs). They work during late nights and think that’s their ‘hustle’.

I mean if you sleep all day long and then start working for six hours when everybody is asleep, how does that count as working harder than others? How does that count as the ‘hustle’? Do you even realize how you may be fooling yourself by making yourself think that working during the night is synonymous to working hard?

working late for hustle

2. Interacting In The Communities And Asking Questions

Every newbie blogger just learns this word – hustle. Then, they talk about how they’re ready to hustle and just want to know – how to start a blog, how to figure out the basic hosting and domain part, how to make money through blogging, how to do SEO and so on.

I mean, do you realize that there are hundreds of resources online that you could have checked before you posted that question in a community.

If your desire to hustle doesn’t make you want to make some search queries on Google and find your answers, then what good is it for? You cannot work hard enough to make a search query. Ouch! The tribe that got ‘hustling’ as a popular synonym to ‘working hard’ just got a severe heartache because of the likes of you.

online communities

3. Using The Word ‘Hustle’

Nobody can get more stupid than this. I mean, just because you use this word a lot in your day to day conversations, doesn’t mean you’re actually hustling. Duh!

There are people who go on and on about hustling and how their hustle will pay off and how they are inspired by so and so and how they will hustle and a lot of how’s. But there is no real action. They never do what they say. All they do is say and that makes them feel that they’re working really hard.

Believe it or not, I have seen people doing this. I feel pity for such people. Because you’re justing fooling yourself here. You think you’re working hard but you aren’t. You think your efforts will pay off but they won’t. They are just not there.

real hustle

4. Copying Others

Humans have a tendency to copy. They would copy anything they fancy. Just like that, there have been many who just blatantly like to copy and replicate the success of others.

It just doesn’t happen that way. You don’t just click command + C and then, paste somebody’s success on yourself. Even if you copy the idea, you won’t be able to materialize it and make it successful until you put in the same amount of efforts – hustle. So, instead of relishing the fact that how easily and nicely you copied somebody’s idea, work on making it successful. That would/could be your hustle.

Those are the four things that do NOT count as hustle. I mean, you can say I am wrong but if you have been doing any of the above-mentioned, just see whether your results are good enough. Be honest.

If they’re not, you probably need to stop overusing the word and actually, start working hard!

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