“You’re not a creative person.”

The sound still resonates in my ears. I was in college and was trying my best to try new things. But just like my dance teacher refused to teach me for I lacked rhythm and my music teacher gave up on me as I was tone deaf (or so I think he thought), people put me down citing that I lacked creativity.

Fast forward to today, when I get several comments on my YouTube channel appreciating me for my creative ideas. To some those may still be boring, but to a lot, those are creative.

That’s just what creativity is. It’s like art, the beauty of it depends on who’s seeing it. So, forget those people who ever told you that you’re not creative. Each person is creative and there are certain things you can do to channelize your inner strength and creative abilities. This is what I do!

  1. Action

Want to work on a creative project and can’t find inspiration? Do it anyway.

The more you do it, the more creative ideas you will attract to yourself. #LawofAttraction

For me, I tried to find that one thing I was creative about for a long time. I never found it. Everybody told me it’s not good or I can’t do it. It happened until one day, I decided to do it anyway.

I started a Booktube channel when everybody considered it either ‘boring’ or a ‘stupid’ idea. And then, I kept doing it. Now, not only do I have many subscribers who love my content but also many who complement me for my creative ideas.

What changed? I just took action this time and did it, this time.

booktube channel

2. Practice

I don’t think people discuss creativity in the right way. Not everyone of us was born with the best talents. Not every singer was born as a great singer. Not every musician was always so good. These people worked hard to be what they’re.

It’s the practice that makes all the difference. In the internet world, we just see success stories. We barely talk about struggle stories and failure stories.

To some, success stories are inspiring but to MANY, these just dishearten and disarm. They just whisper, way too loudly, in your ears that you’re not good enough. You can’t be creative. You can’t ace it.

At those times, we need to think of the struggle stories that we’re never told and practice our craft until we have our own success story to tell.

tips to boost creativity

3. Network

Creativity comes from networking. Have you ever heard that before? I’ll tell you why.

Those amazing video ideas or book ideas or lyrics ideas… people get those from real life things. Some of my best video ideas came from talking and interacting with my audience. And ask any creative person and most of them will tell you that they draw their inspiration from the daily things.

There are a few people who get their billion dollar idea by looking at a snow-clad mountain peak while sitting in the porch of a secluded outhouse hidden in the foot of the mountains. Most of the people get out… talk… listen and get their creative ideas. Try that!

4. Showcase

A lot of my friends would just evade this. They love their craft and want to get better at it but they don’t think they need the ‘social media validation’ to hone their skills. That’s where they go wrong.

Social media, like every other thing in the world, can be used in multiple ways. You can use it for the useless validation or you can use it to boost creativity. You can use it to put your work out there, get feedback and work on it. You can use it to display your own work to remind you of your own improvement and journey. You can use it for anything, if only you try.

blogging: manage multiple things at work

5. Clarity of Vision

Lastly, I think creativity comes from the clarity of vision. Think of a comedian who wants to make people laugh! This person would come across many things in his/her life and due to the clarity of vision, this person can use these things to create jokes and videos that would make people roll on the floor laughing.

That stomach-aching laughter comes from the jokes you can connect with, the jokes that are about daily things. how are those ideas born? It’s because these people knew what their vision is and saw everything with the filter of their vision. Everything comes into place when you do that.

Those are my tips to boost creativity. Some things that help the uncreative person like me have compliments on my creativity. I hope these help you too!

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