After gaining over 10 kgs and finally getting 25 kgs overweight, I decided to get into the fitness mode and started hitting the gym regularly. While I love getting out of my house for a while and workout, there are certain things which I hate about gymming.

And this post can be a clue to any of you who goes to a gym. These points that I am going to mention maybe clues for you to behave in a better way in the gym.

1. Bad Music: By bad music I mean, those slow and boring songs which you might like and insist on playing in the gym but others might loathe. When you’re in for gymming, your focus should be on working out, not on listening to your favorite songs. I have seen girls begging the trainers to tune into their favorite song or guys (specifically in Punjab) begging for playing Punjabi Songs.

Now, the problem with such songs is that they’re not fit for working out. Workout songs must be the ones that instantly pump you up and make you push your body to sweat more and work harder. Next time you ask for a change of song, just think about this.

dog gymming

2. People giving random advice: This is a thing very common with guys. Once they start gymming, they think they’re the fitness gurus of the place. So, any random guy would come to you and advise you not to do this and so on. Come on! There are special trainers in the gym who would definitely know better than you. Moreover when you move over to advise someone, that person might get disturbed which isn’t good. lifting weigths

Don’t open your mouth unless someone asks you to. No one likes to listen to advice from random people. Don’t do that. Not only you just distract someone but if that person knows better than you, you just insult yourself by your own.

3. Stinking people: Okay, I am also in this list for I, sometimes, forget to put on perfume. But then, I don’t do it every time. I make sure I take a bath before going to gym (yes, BEFORE) and put on some deodorant so that I don’t make it suffocating for others to stand beside me and work out.

But this thing is understood by seldom people. This is just common sense. Isn’t it?

4. People making noises: Okay, standing in front of the mirrors and clicking selfies is one thing and bearable. They don’t bother anyone. But when you lift heavy weight and then drop them on the floor as if you’re trying to break the ground and shout, that’s uncool. lifting weights

Come on! I lift much heavier weights than I can and I know it pains and you would want to shriek, but then you always have a choice. You can think about others and keep your mouth shut. Can’t you?

These are the 4 things I hate about gymming. What about you? Do you go to a gym? If yes, what’s the thing you like the most and what’s the thing you hate the most?

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