My theory is if you see good food, eat it.

That’s what happens when you enter a place as authentic and delighting as The Unplugged Courtyard. Set in the Connaught Place Delhi, this restaurant opened just a few months back but has been in the limelight ever since. It’s beautifully decorated, it’s comfortable and cozy. But there’s a limit to all this when it comes to a restaurant. We care more about food. Don’t we?

Amritsari Fish

If you want to know what kind of food you get in this restaurant, keep reading The Unplugged Courtyard Review. It will be worth your time!

Here’s a glimpse of how it looks from inside. They have an outside dining area which is even more beautiful. Inside dining area is dimly lit but very cozy. Such dimly lit restaurants often make you feel suffocated, at least they do to me. But The Unplugged Courtyard is a completely different. It cool and cozy place with beautiful music to delight your senses.

I began my meal with one of the most talked about dishes at this place. Ganna Chicken, a dish made of minced chicken wrapped around the sugarcane sticks, was soft and juicy with tinge of sugarcane flavor. I don’t think my taste buds really did justice to this dish, as I gulped these down my throat as soon as I took a bite. Well, isn’t that what you do when you get tasty food? Just eat? 😉

The next dish I tried was Chilli Paneer Ghosla which is a modified version of chilli paneer. The crunchy noodle base combined with spicy cottage cheese, topped with a thick cheese slice gave this dish a unique texture and an amazing taste.

Chilis Elante Mall

Next, I hopped on to try the Amritsari Fish, or as they say in the Unplugged Courtyard, the Indian version of the British popular – Fish & Chips. I loved how the Punjabi flavors remained intact in this dish, keeping the coating crunchy and spicy while the fish inside was soft and juicy and retained its nip. The dip went well with the flavor.

Pizza Golgappa Hangover couldn’t impress me much. The crunchy base and coating of cheese were praiseworthy, but overall appeal of the dish wasn’t enough for me. The filling inside the golgappas could have been more smacking. Overall, I would skip this dish and move on try the most tempting dishes.

Pizza Golgappa Hangover

The one of a kind presentation of all the snacks added up to the overall dining experience. Whether it was the small charpais or cheese filled injections, everything was exquisite and refreshing. My experience with these shakhahari cheese croquettes was intense. The cheesy potato croquettes had a mild tang and the cheese injection on these was like a cherry on the top for cheese lovers.

The veg and non-veg manjee are two of the most loved platters at the Unplugged Courtyard and stand out due to their Punjabi presentation style. Although I didn’t try each of the dishes on these platters, but I could hear the orgasmic voices of the people who were having these dishes while sitting beside me. I, meanwhile, had my eyes on the main course.

non veg manjee

I tried out mutton, chicken curry and palak paneer. Let’s begin with the mutton. As mutton itself has a strong flavor, it requires good marination and it takes an effort to cook it till it’s soft. It should come clean off the bone and must melt in your mouth. The curry flavors should be stronger than the mutton pieces, as dominating flavor of mutton isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The expertise of the chef behind this menu could be well seen with the main course dishes. Mutton was pleasing and chicken gave great competition to the mutton dish.

If you ever tried to have mutton and chicken at the same time, you’re bound to prefer one. But here, you will love both.

Don’t go with the photography of this dish. The delicios paneer covered with spinach and garnished with cream literally took my heart away. The dishes accompanied tandoori rotis which were soft and yummy.

The last main course dish I tried was chicken Biryani. The flavors were strong, but too strong for my taste. So, I couldn’t enjoy the dish as much as I had wanted to.

The desserts began with delicious thick aam ras, with sweet and juicy mango flavor. The taste of mangoes seemed real, I am unsure if it came from real mangoes or from some artificial flavor. Whatever it was, it was delicious.

The last dessert that I tried is the Lollies Antigrill which are delicious lollipops made in front of you with liquid nitrogen. It was as fun to eat these as it was to make these. I tried to be a bit artistic and made a sun (and a heart that looked like mickey mouse). The moment you keep these in your mouth, they melt! And you’re just like, WOW!

What I would recommend you try to is the Unplugged Courtyard special cold coffee (image not included) which will give you the much required kick after you’re tired of eating tons of food. Although I was told the coffee is very strong, I found the coffee with just the right amount of flavor, not too less, not too much. I also tried strawberry and kiwi crush which couldn’t make to my crushes list.

Overall I think this is a great place. Ambience is perfect. Food is way more than just food. It’s presented well, it tastes well and service is up to the mark. The cost for two according to Zomato is Rs. 1200/- but I believe it’s slightly costlier than that.  It is good for special occasions where you want to spend to delight your taste buds, rather than just eating to fill your tummy.

Must Try Dishes At The Unplugged Courtyard

  1. Ganna Chicken
  2. Red gull shakahari croquettes
  3. Chilli Paneer Ghosla
  4. Dynamite prawns
  5. Lolly Antigrills

Unplugged Courtyard Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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