For too many years, Indians have ignored the cycle for other forms of transport. It still remains the ideal choice for millions though, and as the trends of unhealthy lifestyles and pollution increase, informed commuters are going back to the cleanest way of travelling.

The trend is coming back, of course, as the  Silicon Valley leaders prefer to commute on a bicycle even when they have at least 2 Audis and lambos sitting in their garage. Cycling is great but now, expensive. What if you don’t want to buy it yet and try if they work for you?

By signing up for a cycle rental, many city dwellers can add a wonderful activity to their regular routines, one that is changing their bodies, their minds and their lifestyles for the better.

A Healthy Habit

The health benefits of cycling are well-documented. The most obvious is probably the cardiovascular workout. On-the-road cycling is considered more effective than running on a treadmill or cross trainer. It is easy on the joints so one can go for longer sessions and it also improves core strength. Then, of course, this activity helps burn fat and improves the strength of the leg muscles.

Cycling, just like any other good workout is very good for the emotional and mental health of a person. Many cyclists set goals for themselves and achieving this at the end of a ride can help boost confidence and improve the mood. After all, a fit body or a feeling of good health is the fundamental requirement for a happy lifestyle.

Recreational Tours

There are some interesting cycling routes that can be planned within the cities. For example, Mumbai’s heritage quarter is a delightful affair in the mornings. One can see the city slowly slip into its usual buzz in the backdrop of myriad architectural styles displayed in the buildings. Bangalore too has some good inner-city routes. One can step into the old quarters of East Bangalore on a morning ride and enjoy some delicious breakfast in morning food stalls on the way. In Delhi, also, I have often spotted cyclists going on group expeditions, often around Indian gate. 

Beat the Rush

Cycling is the best way to beat the gridlocks that plague Indian cities. One can choose smaller routes that are free from buses and large vehicles to get to work. It is easy to manoeuvre a cycle in a traffic jam.

But be careful! I recently got a cycle for myself and have tried to drive it on big routes – highways etc but traffic sense in India is negligent. So, take care of yourself.

Cycle Rentals are Convenient

Buying a cycle may be too large a step for many. Besides the initial investment, storage can also become a problem. But nowadays, one can easily rent a cycle online – it is cheap, convenient and does not require too much commitment. This is why bike rentals are the best solution for casual cyclists or those who are still treading the waters. Companies like Pedl by Zoomcar are making cycles very accessible in many cities across India.

Interested people can just head over to a Pedl station and unlock a cycle with a popular wallet app. When the ride is over, all they need to do is drop it at the nearest Pedl station.

Cycling is healthy, it is fun and it opens new worlds. There is no surprise that people in some of the most developed cities in the world love cycling around. The option is now there in many Indian cities too, and everyone from professionals to students, are enjoying the rebirth of this most popular transport mode.

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