People have comfort food. Right? I have plenty. Banana Pancakes are one of them. I grew up seeing pancackes in my favorite foreign shows. I never wanted to make one at home. I always thought it required fancy equipment like an oven or something. But, I was surely wrong.

Banana Pancakes don’t need an oven. Afterall, they’re pancakes. It’s funny how long it too me to figure that out. Anyway, it was back in 2015, that I gave these a try. The recipe is pretty simple and easily available on online recipe blogs.

banana pancakes

Some Tips About Banana Pancakes

  1. One thing I would suggest is watch for the bubbles, baby!
  2. And don’t be shy on the butter.
  3. Keep bananas to the minimum.
  4. They taste best just when they’re out of the pan. So, serve them hot.
  5. Invest in a pancake syrup. Banana pancakes, or any pancakes as a matter of fact, are useless if you don’t use pancake syrup.

Now, pancake syrup is more like a royalty in India. A bottle of pancake syrup by American Garden costs around Rs. 400. That’s a lot for a breakfast dish you will eat almost once a week or once a month. Why so sparingly?

Well, pancakes use refined flour i.e. maida. It’s not good for health. Too much maida will mess up your fitness plans and you will regret eating your lovely banana pancakes. So, you do not have to do that if you’re careful.

Also, don’t forget to stack a couple of them together and take some instagram pictures. Look at the ones I have taken so far!

Oh and yes! Banana pancakes with ice-cream are bae!

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