Following my habit of reading some good quotes every single day, I came across this –

“Don’t read Success Stories. Read failure stories if you yourself want to be successful.”

Why? I don’t think I need to explain the reason but still, this is a controversial topic. While most of the wise people in the world say that reading success stories gives you an inspiration to become successful in your life. But, wait! Just look at your own life and tell me, how many times did you actually get inspired by the Success Stories of people?  Did you ever came across a truly success story? Well, I did not.

All the Success stories I have read till now, I have heard till now are actually the Failure Stories which have been converted into the Success Stories by those very people who failed drastically at a time in their lives. This fact has been accepted by many but a few people, the wise ones of course, don’t accept it. But, I do accept it and that’s why I created my own list of Failure Stories. Whenever I am upset and feel like I am not good enough to achieve my goals, I am good for nothing except being failed – I open up this list and read it once. And I don’t know how but I do regain my will to fight again.

Probably, these Failure Stories are my inspiration. And this day, I would like to share this list with all of you. Reason – if you are also feeling low sometimes just because you have been defeated and you cannot find the will to fight again and you do not believe in yourself anymore, these Failure Stories can help you regain your confidence and make you believe that you are going to be successful like these people were.

Here’s the list –

  • He failed the sixth grade and was defeated in every public role ever ran for. At 62, he became the British Prime Minister.  Winston Churchill
  • success stories; winston churchill
  • He actually knocked 1000 doors to sell his chicken recipe until he found one buyer. 7 years later, at the age 75, this man sold his finger licking good chicken company for $15 million. Colonel Sanders, the man behind KFC
  • success stories; colonel sanders
    source:Edgy01/Dan Lindsay via wikipedia
  • Colombia Pictures told her that she wasn’t talented and pretty enough to be an actress. Now, this lady is the most iconic actress as well as the sex symbol of all times.  – Marilyn Monroe
  • success stories; marilyn monroe
  • The man was told that he wasn’t creative enough to work in the newspaper. He lacked imagination and good ideas. He became bankrupt several times in his life and then came Disneyland by Walt Disney.
  • success stories; walt disney
    source:Boy Scouts of America via wikipedia
  • Mentally handicapped, this boy was sent back home with a note from his teacher that this boy cannot learn. He is too dumb. This partially deaf boy won the noble prize in physics. This is the man I hated most during school time. Albert  Einstein
  • success stories; albert einstein
    source: via flickr
  • After a frightful and horribly abused childhood, this lady was fired from her television reporting job for they said she wasn’t fit to be on screen. Now, she is the undisputed queen of the talk shows on the television and a billionaire as well. Oprah Winfrey
  • success stories; oprah winfrey
  • This guy seriously forgot to put a reverse gear in the car he made. His first auto company went out of business. Yep, he was such a failure and dumb person. Now, he’s one of the greatest American Entrepreneur ever. Henry Ford
  • success stories; henry ford
  • She was unemployed and divorced. Trying to raise her daughter in such conditions, she has also worked as a waitress while writing her first novel.  Her novel was rejected so many times and was published just because of the daughter of the CEO of the publishing company. This lady became the first author to become a billionaire from writing books. The mother of Harry Potter series- J.K. Rowling
  • success stories; j k rowling
    source:S.macken6 via wikipedia
  • The list is too long..  But this is one is gonna be the last here. For this is about a man who is seriously an inspiration for people like me.This man didn’t go to a big university to complete his studies. This man wasn’t considered to be a good leader in the beginning for he didn’t follow the usual rules of leadership. This man started his own company and was thrown out of the same by his colleagues. This man learned from his failures every time. Now, this man is an inspiration source for almost every person working in the technology world. Steve Jobs
  • success stories; steve jobs
    source:Matthew Yohe Via wikimedia

The list doesn’t end here.. this is just the beginning. Help me to elaborate this list. Help me to add more such stories. Why? Because you don’t know which story becomes an inspiration of a person and make him Successful.

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    • Yes, it is in fact. The lady is seriously an example and inspiration source for struggling writers. Despite of so much problems in her life, she still managed to take out time to write a book. It is said she used to write during the free time she got in her job of a waitress. I really want to interview this lady.
      Moreover, even know she acknowledges what she had been through during her tough times. She donates most of the income from all the books of the series. In fact, she is one of the few billionaires who have lost the status of billionaires just because they are too much into charity. Isn’t this amazing?

  1. Hi,

    Nice to see your blog. Actually i have also passed out from CEC (2003-2007).

    Add Some Success stories of Indian People Also.

    Anyways ,Really Good Blog…


    • Thanks. You are from CEC.. nice, I was really looking forward to connect with some alumni of my college. I want to listen your story, your career after the college life etc. If you don’t mind, can I take a short interview of yours? It would really help me in my path to recognize the scope of my career after I get out of the college. Please mail me at in case you are interested.
      And thanks for the suggestion! I would surely write a post mentioning success stories of Indians. That list would be very long, I am sure but I would do it.
      Keep Reading my blog and keep giving your feedback and suggestions. It would really help.

  2. Hi Manpreet,
    It is really inspiring for me to read these awesome stories specially on new year. Soichiro Honda has The billion-dollar business. Honda began with a series of failures.He started making scooters of his own at home, and spurred on by his neighbors, finally started his own business.

    • hahah… thank you Akash.
      P.S. Didn’t you hate Einstein in school time? We had to study a lot of stuff because of this guy.

  3. The success stories sure sounds awesome but the amount of harsh reality and hard work gone into nurturing such personalities often goes unnoticed by many. They didn’t just became Walt Disney and Steve Jobs overnight. A lot of restless nights and sleeping with empty stomach contributed to their rising.


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