I know I haven’t updated the blog for a while, but that’s because I was busy reading some exquisite books. That’s the thing with good books. When you pick them up, you just forget about other responsibilities and tasks you need to perform. All you do is flip through the pages, get engrossed in the story and live in a different world, in the world of the book.

the house that bj built

The house that BJ built is one such excellent book that made it difficult for me to think of other tasks I had. I couldn’t just stop reading.

The House that BJ Built Plot

The book follows the last very famous book by the author Anuja Chauhan i.e. Those Pricey Thakur Girls. The book was launched in a grand manner and has been in the recommendations list of booksellers since then. Talk about recommendations and this book will be recommended wherever you go. Ignoring such a buzz was difficult.

The story of the book is about Bonita Singh, who is an orphan and lives with her grandfather. When her grandfather dies, Bonita’s aunt comes forward to sell the house left by the grandfather but Bonita doesn’t want to sell her part. She wants to fulfill the dying wish of her mother that was not to let the aunts sell the house.

Thus, the family drama begins. Some want to sell the house; some don’t, and some just want to usurp the property.

The House that BJ Built Book Review 

Well, those recommendations I heard everywhere got me quite interested in the book, and I picked it up with quite a lot of expectations. While that sort of beginning can play havoc with the book but this book was too good to be affected by those high expectations.


Before discussing the plot, I must consider the narration. While the story is nothing new to an Indian for such family drama keeps happening around us, this story seemed unique and interesting. That’s because of the way it has been presented. With my first experience with this author, I can say that she is a great storyteller. How else can someone tell an old story but make it sound completely new and intriguing?


The plot is well built. There are unexpected twists, moments of anticipation and a lot of fulfilling scenes that can make you dance with joy. You keep thinking of what happens next just like you do when you read a mystery novel. Well, quite an unexpected thing with the story like this. It was great.


Oh! The characters! Ever heard of a book hangover? The time when you read a book and love the world or the characters so much that even after finishing the book, you keep thinking of them. That’s a book hangover. You still feel the effect of the book on you. And this book gave me a hangover for 15 days. Longest ever.

Each character is fascinating. Even the characters that have a minor role in the book are memorable. And of course, how can you even forget Bonita Singh. The aunts are a set of absorbing and sometimes weird people. I haven’t read the first book i.e. Those Pricey Thakur Girls who are all about these aunts and Bonita’s mother I suppose. But I didn’t feel that I was missing on something while reading the house that bj built.

I loved the book so much. I was a bit disappointed with one part of the story where I had expected lots of dramas or at least some sort of explanation. But that’s not something you can dwell upon for this book. This book is amazing.

If you want to read an interesting fiction set in India, pick up this book. You can get a peek at what happens in many Indian families 😛

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