There’s a reason why grown ups look down upon young adult books. There’s a reason why they’re stereotyped.

The Edge of Everything is a new sort of romance, an ordinary brave girl and an innocent guy from hell. They meet, fall in love but there are two worlds conspiring against them. What happens to them? How do they meet and fall in love? What happens to their love story?

The edge of everything book

The Edge of Everything Plot

As a light romance, I really liked reading about X and Zoe. X is the mysterious, bad and yet kind boy girls fall for. Zoe is this annoying and daring girl in a romance novel. There are other characters – X’s friends – Banger & Ripper. Zoe’s brother, suffering from ADHD and her mother. Two lovely dogs. The guy who secretly loves the mother and the boy who loves  Zoe even when she clearly rejected him. There’s also a ‘cool’ best friend… basically, all the characters that can make up a mushy romance setting.

The Edge of Everything Book Review

However, it’s anything but natural. These characters… the guy who loves the mother, he gets mentioned in the book multiple times, he gets good space in a few pages but his presence goes unnoticed. What is he even doing in the story? Same with the other guy who loves Zoe. What’s the point of having him in the story? So that she could go caving? What was the point of that part of the story anyway?

I could cite many instances where things just felt like – okay, so this happening… why is this happening, again… how did this drive the story? Most of the things just filled up the pages.

The whole plot line and mystery around X… it wasn’t even fully explored. I mean, I loved the idea of the guy in the hell but truly innocent and all… but nothing really was done with that piece of information. In fact, the loose ending signals another book. But would you want to pick the sequel? I doubt it.

The edge of everything book

Overall, this fantasy fiction fails to make an impact. It’s this shallow fluffy young adult novel that could have been written much better, plotted much better. It just exists… doing nothing, not entertaining, not thought provoking, not enjoyable… just a bland collection of pages put together with a nice cover.

I don’t regret I have read it but I could totally spend my time reading something better.

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