Do you like to read the mystery stories where each word builds up your excitement and makes it difficult to wait for revelation of the enigma? Do you like the stories which take you on a virtual treasure hunt and allow you to experience adventure, excitement and danger? In simple words, do you like mystery novels?
Before waiting for a yes, I would like to mention why am I asking these questions? Because I read an awesome novel and as usual, it is difficult for me to keep it inside me. I want to share what I experienced while reading this newly released novel by an award winning Indian author Dev Prasad. The novel is The Curse of Surya.
With an attractive cover, this book just pulls you towards it. Trust me! Even when I hadn’t read what the story was about, I couldn’t help myself wondering when I was going to pick up this book. Maybe that was the calling I got because I had a good book lying in my room.

What’s the book about? the curse of surya by dev prasad

The Curse of Surya is fiction novel where the characters are going to race against time to find a jewel lost since 5000 years. Sangeeta Rao is a beautiful reporter who has to visit her native country India to cover an important event for her news channel. Alan Davies is a charming man who attracts Sangeeta’s attention just in a moment.
But before their attraction could bloom, they’re tagged as fugitives that were behind a terrorist attack on a renowned temple in Mathura, India. The only way out that could be seen by them was to unravel the mystery behind a precious jewel that was lost 5000 years ago.
So, they set on an unexpected journey where they race against time to avoid getting caught by the police. And deal with a number of riddles and clues that are a hard nut to crack.

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The book has an amazing start. After reading just the prologue (two and half pages long), the interest in the book builds up. I could sense the excitement and urge to quickly turn next pages in me. And that was very unusual.
It takes me at least 20 pages to build that kind of interest in a book. But The Curse of Surya was different and I am sure it would do the same to you. You won’t be able to put it down once you start reading.
The book is fast paced story narrated in a very well manner. The author knows how to build the fervour so much that one cannot resist. In the ending of each chapter, the author left some clues to the next one and they worked like magic.
The characters in the story are very well defined. Sangeeta has been portrayed as an intelligent woman while Alan is nothing less. Both are the main characters in the story and ones you could believe in or even relate to.
Other characters like Blanchard and SP Nisha are also very well presented. The fact that each character was given adequate attention over the entire book would make you enjoy the book much more.

The plot of the book deserves utmost attention. With so many things happening around and a big old mystery, things could have got chaotic but that’s not the case with The Curse of Surya. The plot, despite of being a complex one, is very simple and easy to understand.
You don’t get confused with what’s happening in the book, which sometimes happen when you read mystery novels. You don’t get carried away with useless details. Everything mentioned has a purpose and it is up to you to connect the dots.
Though the way Sangeeta and Alan got into the mess was a bit unconvincing, but who cares? You would thoroughly enjoy this treasure hunt backed with lots of mysteries, riddles and deadly plotting. And you would get awed by the love story that starts blooming amongst all this.
It is difficult to explain how the book is. How do you explain what ‘perfect’ is like? The book is a must read for the people who love mystery novels backed up by historical fiction and good narration. Go on. Grab this book. It won’t disappoint you.

My Ratings: 4.5/5


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