Have you ever come across a book that would leave you with emptiness for days? The moment you think about those fictional characters, you start feeling the pain they went through. It just feels like you knew them so well and in just one page turn, they are all gone. You miss them. You want to go back and meet the same characters one more time. If a book puts you in such a state, it is more than a good book. It is awesome. So is The Comfort of Black by Carter Wilson.

comfort of black

You can call me a racist but I was seriously sick of reading books by Indian authors. I am not saying they are bad but when someone talks about your native country and you read more than 30 books set in the same place, you start feeling bored. You look for new kinds of impressions. And that’s what I had longed for. I gave myself a break from reading books written by Indian authors and asked for this book – The Comfort of Black by Carter Wilson for review. Luckily, I got one.

The book is the story of Hannah who has had a bad childhood because of her abusive father, Billy.  At present, she is married to a rich guy named Dallin and has had a happy marriage until one day things take a drastic turn. Hannah’s past is knocking at the door. Her otherwise caring husbands turns out to be a violent freak and tries to get her kidnapped. Hannah needs to disappear and that’s when an ex-con Black comes forward for her help. But things are more complicated than they seem. There are many questions which need to be answered and that’s what Hannah is looking for – answers.

The character of Hannah is quite strong and I found myself greatly attached to her. Of course, the story revolves around this woman and getting attached to the main character is pretty obvious but not many authors manage to do that. Carter Wilson did. It is weird that a few days back I didn’t even know who this author is but now I feel like picking up his next book and start reading.

The second most important character in the story is Billy who was a father Hannah hated to have and you would hate the guy too. That’s the beauty of negative characters in the story. They are so important but their importance is acknowledged only when you hate them.  Hannah’s sister, Justine has been shown as a cold hearted sister who couldn’t love Hannah back, maybe because of their difference in social status or maybe because of something else. Dallin, Hannah’s husband, was a loving a husband until the day Hannah starts discovering his dark secrets. Her loving and caring husband suddenly turns into a violent guy who tries to get her abducted and disappeared. Black is an ex-con who tries to help Hannah to disappear and save her life. The character of the Black is the second character I liked the most in the book.

If I would say I thoroughly loved the book, it would be an understatement. Trust me! After more than a year, I found a book that has left such a great impact on me. It has been five days since I completed reading The Comfort of Black but just the name – Hannah is enough to drown me in a number of emotions.

The plot has been written in a really interesting way. You get shocked at every twist and each turn is completely unexpected. It thrills you, excites you and keeps you in the magic circle created by the book till the end. It is more than a page turning novel.  You would love every word written in this book.

I have read only a few more than 100 books till now but still I can say that this book is a great piece of work and a must read. And yeah! This is the first time I have praised a book so much.

My Ratings for The Comfort Of Black – 4/5

The book is releasing on August 4th, 2015. The book would soon be available for preorder on Amazon. In case, you want me to notify you when the book would available, leave a comment  below.

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    • Hey Riyaz,
      I am glad that you liked the review and do share your review once you read this book. Hope you will like it.


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