After I wrote my article about what to do after B.Tech., I often get questions about what to do if you cannot clear technical rounds during campus placements? Are you struggling too?

Don’t get disheartened. I have some tips that can help you clear technical rounds of campus placements in a very easy manner.

If you have been failing so far, don’t worry. Even I did terrible in first few interviews I gave but then I got the hang of it and got five placement offers. I nailed the technical interviews. Here’s what you need to do to do the same.

  1. Pick Core Subjects

Technical rounds of campus placements are all about your proficiency in the core subjects. You can be almost hundred percent sure that you won’t be asked any question outside these subject areas.

But what are those subjects? Honestly, it depends on your stream. I did my engineering in IT and my core subjects included stuff like Operating systems, Database Management systems, and so on. There are usually 6-8 core subjects in an engineering course.

Call your college professor and ask about the core subjects. These are the ones you need to study.

2. Make Notes

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Once you know about the subjects, you need to make notes for these. Now, note making isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Some of you may have never made notes in their life and you’ll probably skip this point altogether.

It’s important more than ever during the technical rounds of campus placements as there’s a lot you need to remember but at the same time, you don’t need to remember the real theory which people usually rot and write down in the exam papers.

Making notes will consolidate all the stuff you need to learn in a much smaller and easier to remember format. You can just make them once and you’ll never have to touch your books again. Revise and learn from the notes only.

3. Focus on just basic concepts

Tips To Clear Technical Rounds Of Campus Placements

Remember that you don’t need to learn those algorithms and stuff. Most of the times, all you need is the grasp on the basic concepts.

Many students stress themselves way too much about technical rounds of campus placements. They think they should know everything as companies need a person who knows everything beforehand.

It’s wrong. Most of the companies retrain the students they hire. They don’t need you to be a know-it-all. They’re just testing your interest and ability to grasp the concepts. Keep that in mind.

4. Be Confident

In the beginning of my campus placements, I was very low in confidence. I looked at all the people who knew so many programs, algorithms and what not. I didn’t know any of that and couldn’t make myself learn them. I knew I was doomed.

Fast forward to the day when I lost all hope and became this aggressive person with I don’t give a f*ck attitude. So, I went ahead and spoke what I knew and spoke that with a confidence I never had before. I was insanely confident and just that, got me my job offers.

I remember my interview for Tech Mahindra. I went to the interviewee who had a reputation of confusing you and asking you quite tricky questions. He started with his questions and all I wanted was to get out. So, I answered very quickly. He asked me again, tried to confuse me but I stuck to my answers. I wasn’t sure whether I was right but I certainly had the confidence to make him doubt if what he knew was right or wrong. That’s the kind of confidence you need.

Remember to be courteous and respectful while you stay this confident. Confidence just means you believe in yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to disrespect or demean somebody or act like you know more than anybody else. Just had to say this because I am sure a lot of people will misinterpret this example and ruin their chances of clearing technical rounds of campus placements.

Anyway, those are four ways that helped me clear those dreadful rounds when I sat for campus placements. I hope they help you in some way. Good luck!

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