Jealousy – when people don’t want what you have, they want you not having!

With the wedding of Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas and the Ambani wedding, the jealousy of people on social media is on rampant display.

One twitter scroll and you’ll see loads of people discussing how ‘distasteful’ it is to see Ambanis spending so much on a wedding. The world is mad over Beyonce dancing at the Ambani wedding. What’s your problem? Do you think she wasn’t well paid? Or do you have a problem that somebody could pay so much for a dance performance? Which, by the way, is a common thing. It’s just that everybody is talking about the Ambani wedding and now, you feel it right to let your jealousy be on a public display.

I did a mini rant on Twitter and then, when I saw somebody having an issue with Ambanis donating to Clinton foundation instead of everybody else based in India, I just lost it. I mean, what do people have to do to please these social media freedom fighters or whatever they’re calling themselves these days. What I think they’re – JEALOUS TROLLS. Not the invisible trolls. But the big giant ugly and stupid trolls from a Harry Potter movie with a goo drooling out of their noses.

What’s the problem with the world? Why can’t you be happy over anything? Apparently, people have a problem with everything. If they’re spending so much on the wedding and it’s a star-studded affair, you have a problem. If the couple had married secretly, you would still have a problem. I wonder what the real problem is – is it that you’re so absorbed with jealousy that you have forgotten what’s appropriate and what’s not, while passing on the same sort of judgement for others?

A rich guy’s daughter is getting married. A crazy rich guy’s daughter is getting married. So, he decides to make it a grand affair. Who’s choice is that? Yours? NO!

It’s his money. It’s his choice. And to see people as ‘wise’ as advocates working for the honourable Supreme Court commenting it as a ‘distasteful’ thing, a show-off… is just appalling. Who made you the judge? Just because you have social media doesn’t mean you can spill filth on anybody.

Now, I know, a lot of you’re already mad at this. Why is this girl taking their side? Is she rich? Is she related to them? Is she being paid? If I were all these things, I would still say the same.

Being a middle class person who has struggled forever to afford many basic things in life, like a Rs. 550 camera, I understand how you may feel jealous over people being SO rich. It happens but doesn’t mean that you have to articulate it and make it real by speaking about it; criticising and wishing bad for others.

And you wouldn’t really understand it… not until you work hard for years to be able to buy a thing and then have people all around you criticising you for the purchase. That’s when it will hit you where it hurts.

Until then, the world is doomed to bear the jealousy of such people on public display!  Funny how these very people are trying to be the ‘epitome of righteousness.’

And for the fancy foreigners out there… ‘but it promotes consumerism and that’s bad and blah blah.’ How about you stop making the whole event such a big thing and work on promoting your own cause instead? How about you stop being jealous?

Tell me what you think! Do you feel it’s right for the whole freaking world to act so jealous & pathetic over a wedding? Over somebody else’s wedding? What do you think is wrong with people these days?

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