A week ago, we at Finix Post conducted an interview with a start-up organisation, started by two sisters Suganya and Shruti – Two upcoming entrepreneurs with a unique idea.  Suganya and Shruti are the founders of the Taksati Fashions, an online fashion store selling homemade jewellery. Just 2 months into business, they have caught the eyes of many with their unique service.


Here is an extract from the interview:

This interview was conducted by Manpreet Kaur, a graduation student from Chandigarh and the founder of FINIX POST.

Manpreet: Firstly, why the name Taksati Fashions? What does it mean?

Taksati: Taksati is a name derived from the Sanskrit word meaning Fashion. We make jewellery with a fusion of Indian tradition and new trends in fashion, so the name of our organization is the fusion of traditional Indian fashion (Taksati) and new (fashion) trends – Taksati Fashions.

Manpreet: Any particular incident that inspired both of you to open this organisation?

Taksati: Oh yes, there is. Once, a friend of mine fortuitously asked me whether I’m wearing terracotta jewellery. I replied no. I then asked her what terracotta jewellery was. She explained how it was a piece of jewellery made out of clay. Having never heard about such a concept in detail before, I was intrigued. I spent a lot of time researching about this and I really loved what I learnt. My sister was equally excited about this as I was. Shruti and I are very creative in nature and we decided to give it a try .Our first piece of jewellery was a big success. Adding to that, we received a lot of compliments regarding our design and quality. It inspired and encouraged us to think of such an organisation that not only made handmade jewellery, but also added modern touches to it.

Manpreet: Why homemade jewellery? And what makes your products distinct from the products already in the market?

Taksati: There are various reasons for us to opt for handmade jewellery. Firstly, homemade jewellery is always unique and mainly because handmade jewellery is not a mass produced product. You will be the only person with that unique piece of jewellery. Secondly, homemade jewellery is of better quality with affordable price, with further customization options. It can become the signature piece of your collection. As it is handmade we take special care to provide those designs in jewellery that make you look like a vibrant dazzling diva.

Manpreet: How old is Taksati Fashions? And how did you start marketing this concept?

Taksati: Our initial customers were our family, friends and neighbors. We are really grateful for the encouragement that has pushed us to do better and be at the level we are currently. We started this organisation in the month of November last year. Currently, through word of mouth and subtle advertising, our customers have increased.

Manpreet: Do you have an online store or an outlet for the customers to purchase from?

Taksati: Currently, we are marketing our product through Facebook. Our online store is presently under development and will be up within some time. Meanwhile, we ask our customers to visit and see the photos on our facebook page. We ask those interested to mail us the product code on the photo at taksati.fashion@gmail.com and we deliver it to them at their doorstep.

Manpreet: Thank you so much for your valuable time. We wish Taksati Fashions the best for the future.

Taksati: It was our pleasure.

 This interview, though really short, gave us a very large picture of this organisation. They already have a large number of customers within and outside India. Taksati Fashions is an organisation, which while upholding the traditionalist Indian culture, is at the same time appealing to the modern India. Do visit their facebook page and go through their one of a kind product. And also keep your eyes peeled out for their new products and designs, for Taksati is the new Fashion Mantra.


E-mail them at at taksati.fashion@gmail.com                                                                                                                  



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