On April 5, 2020 – I did something I should’ve done before – starting a cooking channel.

I love cooking. I’m a foodie. I like to try new recipes and new foods. I have been discussing recipes, food stories and more on this very blog – over here. I have also written blogs on another blog – foodjournal.in

Quite obviously, I’ve been into food and food blogging for a while. Let’s just say, we have a love and hate relationship.

But starting a cooking channel? Well, I do plan to expand it once the Coronavirus lockdown is over, and do food vlogs – exploring foods around my city and wherever I go. But for now, it’s just cooking.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge that has been stopping me until now is lack of focus and motivation. See, I do have other YouTube channels. A Booktube channel. A daily vlog channel, where I often do cooking segments or cooking vlogs. I even have a channel on digital marketing. And like somebody said in my DMs today, I might get crazy trying to manage these all.

But do you know the secret to managing multiple channels? Priorities, discipline and focus.

If I make any of these channels my priority, that channel is definitely not going to suffer. So, I am making the cooking channel my priority. Why? I want to make up for the missed time. I have been late on the scene. I never felt motivated enough to do this, even though I have been one of the early food bloggers out there. Think of starting blogging in 2014!

I have missed time, due to my insecurities and laziness. I never believed I could grow a massive food blog/vlog. I still don’t think I can. But I want to.

The biggest differentiator between a successful and unsuccessful people is the discipline. Successful ones persist. They build a discipline around their grind and stick to it, until they reach their goal. Those who get discourage and quit stay where they are, just having wasted a lot of time & thrashed expectations & hopes of many.

Hence, my goal with starting a cooking channel is to make it my priority and maintain a discipline to post everyday for 3 months. Another big bloated announcement? I hope it’s not. I hope this time it happens!

At the same time, I have already toned down the schedule of my other channels. I’m no longer trying to vlog everyday. In fact, I vlog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I am no longer trying to make bookish videos every odd day. I post videos on Wednesday & Saturday (and I miss at times, too). I have been bored and slightly burnt out, honestly. Disappointed? Maybe.

But I feel starting a cooking channel will give me the creative outlet I now need. Moreover, I have already been doing this for a while, I just gave it a separate space now.

I hope you support me with this endeavour and I’ll be back in 3 months to report back on whether I was able to do it or not!

Here’s my first video on the channel, btw!

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