I came across this brand when I read an interview with the founder of StalkBuyLove about the state of e-commerce sites in India. Even though I was fairly impressed by the person who founded this brand, I decided to give myself some more time to decide whether I want to shop from this site or not.

stalkbuylove shopping review

Then I heard the DelhiFashionBlogger Komal mention StalkBuyLove in one of her videos as her favorite place to shop for plus-sized clothes. I am not exactly a plus-sized person, but I am not a thin stick either. I take a good amount of fabric to fit in. After these two instances, I was sure I want to try out their website.

As I was shopping from this website for the first time, I chose the safest option and bought myself a bag. So, I ended up getting this urban backpack from StalkBuyLove because of two reasons:

  1. The trend of the denim is super amazing, and I didn’t want to be left behind. At the same time, I wanted something different than the usual denim (I did order the denim as well, but more about it later).
  2. I literally needed a backpack as I have been a ‘fashion items starved person’ since almost a year.

Review of the urban backpack from StalkBuyLove

In this post, I am going to list my overall shopping experience, my review about this particular item I bought and what I think about this website.

StalkBuyLove Website 

They have a very simple website that highlights their best attribute – excellent clothes and accessories. The trends they promote every day on social media sites and in the trend section of their website are up-to-date and very affordable. All the latest designs which are loved by fashion designers and bloggers at the same time are almost always available with them. And that’s something I can say after 3 months of stalking. The new designs they introduce or I come across on their website every time I visit are just what a fashion savvy woman would look for. Oh! did I mention they just cater to women?

Order process

The order process is very simple and you can also opt for cash on delivery. You can also use coupons. Here’s the thing I liked about the order process. I ordered a pair of denims which was way oversized for me. Yep! I am so bad at numbers that even after I got myself measured, I ordered a wrong piece. I asked for a return and I got it readily.

One thing that’s necessary to mention is they do take some time to deliver. It’s not the usual quick delivery e-commerce site. I assume they create the pieces on order and hence, take some time to deliver. But when you get the dress, you’ll totally forget it. I got the delivery of this bag very quick but I ordered a top and a dress as well. I got a bit restless for the dress but when I got it, I was just too awestruck with the quality and finesse. The fabric and the details all were amazing. (I have not included the pictures for the top and dress in this post but they’re coming soon!)

Quality of the bag

Talking about this particular denim bag, I seriously didn’t expect this quality. I had high expectations but I was expecting something around the standards other brands at Lifestyle and similar places maintain. But one touch and I knew StalkBuyLove exceeds all those quality standards.

The fabric is thick, smooth and the sewing is just perfect. The buckle is sturdy and the string to tie it is also exceeded my expectations. Overall, spending money for this piece wouldn’t be regretted even by a miser like me.

I totally loved. Based on this bag and other two products I got, I can definitely recommend you to buy from StalkBuyLove. If you’re a lover of quality and sick of not being able to get good quality at a good price and latest designs, you need to check this website.

My ratings: 4.5/5 stars


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