Though I spend most of my time reading and tasting Indian Food, I do love to observe some change in the food I eat. Moreover, when you’re tired of working on a task that includes ogling at a number of Indian delicacies, you’re bound to feel hungry. At such a time, what you need is a delicious recipe which is easy and fun to make. Fun part is important, for you would probably drop the idea of preparing the recipe in case it involves too cumbersome tasks.

If you want a tasty, easy to make recipe, READ ON! The recipe I am going to post today is something I have created by myself (at least some part of it).

Here’s what you will need for this Egg Veggie Sandwich recipe (3 pieces of sandwiches):

  1. White or Brown Bread – 6 slices
  2. Mayonnaise – 3 tsp
  3. Chilli Garlic Sauce – 3 tsp
  4. Tomatoes – 1
  5. Onions – 1
  6. Cucumber – 1
  7. Eggs – 3
  8. Salt – 1 tsp
  9. Lettuce – 3 leaves
  10. Cheese Spread – 3 tsp
  11. Oil – 1 tsp
  12. Black Pepper – 1 tsp

So, here is the detailed steps that you need to follow to make this Egg Veggie Sandwich at home

egg sandwitch

1. Take 3 slices of bread and apply a  layer of mayonnaise and chilli garlic sauce.

Egg Veggie Sandwich 1

2. On the other three slices, apply cheese spread evenly.

Egg Veggie Sandwich 2

3. Cut the veggies (onions, tomatoes, cucumber) in round shape or whatever shape you would like to gulp in 😉 and put them on the slices.

Egg Veggie Sandwich 3

4. Put lettuce on the same slice with veggies. Let me warn you! When you would toast the sandwich with lettuce inside it, the lettuce is going to become really soggy. So, I recommend that you skip this part of the recipe. Or if you are a fanatic like me, toast the sandwiches slightly or just don’t toast them.

Egg Veggie Sandwich 4

5. Now, make three half fried eggs. If you don’t know the recipe, please let me know. I would share that as well as I usually prepare them for breakfast every other day.

Egg Veggie Sandwich 5

6. Place one half fried egg on each bread slice which would already be mounted with veggies and lettuce. Sprinkle some black pepper powder on it.

Egg Veggie Sandwich 6

7. Put the bread slice with the cheese on top of the mountain you’ve already created. You better have a big mouth to be able to gulp this junk you have prepared 😛 And toast them slightly in the flat pan.

Egg Veggie Sandwich 7

8. Tdaaa!!! The Egg Veggie Sandwich is READY! And it tastes yum!!!

Egg Veggie Sandwich 8

I know you loved the recipe and it would be awesome if you try it yourself and verify my preaching. 😛 Let me know if you liked this post and yeah! this food blog is completely new. If you’ll share this post, it will do wonders for us to continue with this for a long long time. 🙂

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