Living in West Delhi, I always face those ‘looks’ that signify that I am residing in a cheap place. They would have seen me differently if I had lived in South Delhi. This kind of discrimination is pretty common in Mumbai, Kolkata and in the city I live in.

South of GurgaonWhere does this all come from? It happened when a bunch of realtors decided to create a posh locality in the city, and the prefix south signified that. Over time, these localities became so inaccessible to middle-class people that all they could do was just a dream of being a part of such localities.

But you always have a way. You don’t need millions if you act as an early bird and secure a place just when the posh societies are being setup. I feel a lot of you might already know of my interest and never ending queries about real estate prices in & around Delhi, but those of you who don’t, buying a house is my first financial goal ever since I got out of college. Staying true to my goal, I was fascinated when I got a chance to meet these South of Gurgaon creators. And my list of questions was endless.

So, what is this South of Gurgaon?

It’s an area that’s being developed in the South of Gurgaon as part of Gurgaon expansion activities. Gurgaon has grown up to be a very crowded area, but the demand for more housing is rocketing every year as new techies immigrate to this hub. To provide accommodation to these new set of people in next 10-15 years, a new master plan was developed, and that’s being launched as South Of Gurgaon.

How would it be different?

Just like any other master-plan, South Of Gurgaon will have everything – schools, recreational activities and plenty of housing projects. But unlike the South Delhi or any other posh locality at present, the prices of this particular area haven’t reached that top ‘totally unaffordable to normal people’ level.

The location is amazing for anyone who works in Gurgaon and wants a superb location to settle at. It overlooks the Aravalli on one side and has the booming tech city on the other. All the areas of Gurgaon and even Delhi are easily accessible from this location.

As the place is being developed according to the newly launched master-plan, it has completely new and highly advanced infrastructure which I believe would be a dream of any techie who loves modern technology and infrastructure.

What’s the ideal customer for South Of Gurgaon housing projects?

Now, let’s talk about what got me interested. Of course, as a youngster, none of us would want to ‘settle’ in real. Buying a house is merely an investment for us. Well, you will be delighted to know that this is what South Of Gurgaon area is best for. If you want to buy a property that would give you heavy returns despite of this universal slowdown of real estate industry in and around Delhi, this is it.

The property prices around this area have already risen by 10-15% in comparison to places like Vasant Vihar, Gold Link, Aurangzeb road where prices fell by 15-20%. The prices around Noida and rest of Gurgaon have managed to stay static. So, none of these seem to be good investment opportunities. Do they?

It’s because it’s the only area around Delhi which has high scope of development in near future, which has a well-laid master-plan, which already has gathered a number of real estate companies around it and which is being developed at an awesomely encouraging rate.I totally love the idea of affordability and great return on investment. What about you?

I totally love the idea of affordability and great return on investment. What about you?

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