In this post, find out the spoiler free book review of Sniper’s Eye by Mainak Dhar, while I discuss the plot, characters and writing style.

Aditya Ghosh doesn’t want to be reminded of his past. He has left that behind and moved on. He’s living a different life as a different person… a life he has begun to enjoy. And then one day, a man is shot dead right in front of him in a mall full of people.

Aditya, on his instincts, rushes to avoid a mass killing situation only to land himself in a lot more trouble.

snipers eye by mainak dhar book review

Trudging along the India-Pakistan issue, the latest thriller novel by Mainak Dhar brings in an air of freshness to the India-Pakistan thriller landscape. The story takes unexpected and different turns, and is refreshing more than anything else.

The main character, Aditya Ghosh, is a trained fighter and his approach to the situation reveals a lot about him, his old days and how a trained individual like him deals with it. The way he describes the technique is enticing, to say the least. The detail of it, the pace of it and the appeal of it is what makes this book a must-read.

Other characters in the book, Aditya’s love interest, his now-family, the Sniper himself, and the other bad guys in the story are all very well built and interesting. Did the writer deliberately introduce a character with the last name as his own in the story to leave his signature in the book? I liked that a lot.

The action in the book is beyond the usual level, not the boring one punch there and one kick here thing. It’s thought out well and executed even better.

The writing of the book puts you at a leisurely pace and enables you to enjoy the book to the fullest. For a thriller novel, it’s not a racy one but it’s certainly a one that makes your heart race while you enjoy reading at a slow pace… to let the whole book sink in.

I definitely loved this book and would recommend it. If you’re looking for a thriller novel to read on the weekend, Sniper’s eye is the one you should pick.

My ratings: 4.5/5 stars

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