India is a country where you will find diversity everywhere, even in its cuisine. While the country is currently experiencing a phase where some fanatics are trying to promote their religion by abolishing everything foreign.  When we looked into the popular Indian foods, we found a lot of dishes that didn’t have Indian origins (and We dare these fanatics to try and ban these dishes from the country!)

Ready to read about the favorite Indian Foods that are not Indian?

  1. Rajmah Chawal

This two-dish meal is a hugely popular in North India. Rajmah refers to a curry based dish made with kidney beans. The inspiration for this fish came from Mexico, and their style of cooking Rajmah was copied and then a few Indian flavors were added to achieve the savory Indian dish – Rajmah, which is cooked in Indian households almost every week.


2. Chai

Indians are a huge fan of tea. Indians have grown up having 2-3 cups of tea each day, but tea originated in China. During the British rule, tea was discovered, and Britishers taught Indians to cultivate tea so that they could have their monopoly over tea cultivation business. The beverage went on to become so popular that it’s consumed in entire India almost daily.


3. Filter Coffee

Oh, the coffee lovers! Weren’t you all saying how you never drink tea? Coffee isn’t Indian either. In fact, coffee was stolen in the 16th century and brought to India. A pilgrim brought it on his way back from Mecca. He cultivated it and the drink just got popular. Earlier black coffee was popular but in 1936; filter coffee was introduced in one of its kind restaurants then in Bombay (now Mumbai).

4. Jalebi

Time to tell you about some sweets which are not Indian. Jalebis, those thin and crispy one in North India and thick and juicy ones in South India, were brought to India during Persian invasions. Now, India enjoys several variations of this sweet dish in the form of imartis, jaangiri and more.

5. Gulab Jamun

This yummy dish consisting of dough balls dipped in sugary water was also brought from Persia. Of course, Indians introduced some variations to the original Persian recipe Iuqmat Al Qadi but the fact is that gulab jamun isn’t Indian.

6. Samosa

Here’s another shocker for you. Those delicious snacks which are found in ever nick and corner of Indian Foods joints aren’t desi! They were brought to Indian during 13th and 14th century by the traders from the Middle East.

Apart from these, Indian Foods like Vindaloo, shukto and naan are also not Indian. What do you think of these? Shocked or did you already know?

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