Shaadi Ke Side Effects – the name of the movie would compel one and all, especially the people of age group 20-30 to watch this movie. The name and the star cast of the movie both worked in its favor. While Vidya Balan is known for her strong roles, Farhan Akhtar – the male lead in the movie has also build his own reputation in the bollywood industry.

Director Saket Choudhary has directed movies like Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani and Pyar Ke Side Effects. Obviously, we had a lot of expectations from this movie when we entered the movie hall. But did the movie meet our expectations? Was it a ‘paisa vasool’ movie or more than that? Or was it a waste of time?

Shaadi Ke Side Effects
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Plot of The Movie

In the movie Shaadi Ke Side Effects, the two iconic characters from the previous movie Pyar Ke Side Effects come together and get married and then begin the story of Shaadi Ke Side Effects. The movie is about the woes of the husband. What kind of problems does he face after the marriage?

I wonder why the writer didn’t care to include the part from Trisha’s (Vidya Balan) perspective.  The movie shows how the couple tries to deal with the issues they face after their marriage. More than that, the movie runs on a fun and thought –provoking storyline.

But is it good one to watch?

My Review for Shaadi Ke Side Effects

The beginning of the movie was in fact really fun and I could actually hear the audience laughing and enjoying in the movie hall. Everyone liked it and that’s how your expectations get to a higher level which most of the movies like these fail to meet.

Yes, it was fun and thought provoking but as we reached close to the interval, it seemed like the story was being stretched for no reason. It actually made me yawn.

And then was the time when I had to fight with myself for why did I make the decision to watch this movie? Well, the first reason came – it has Vidya Balan and she is a good actress and her choice of movies is good. But no, this couldn’t satisfy me at all. The way Vidya Balan has been choosing her movies nowadays make me wonder what happened to that gorgeous actress who was loved for her bold and stimulating roles. Maybe in her efforts to do something different, she has got lost and isn’t able to understand what kind of ‘different’ really works and what doesn’t.

Well, I hadn’t lost all my hopes for the movie for I was expecting that it would pick up after the interval. But did that really happen? Not really. Actually, not at all.

The movie felt like it’s unnecessarily being dragged and the end – the way writer of the story has tried to portray the climax and end, it either makes you feel disgusting or makes you feel like the story is kind of incomplete.

Should you go and watch it?

Now, comes the real question, should you go to watch the movie? Is it good enough? Well, if you’ve already watched the good ones currently running and have nothing else to do and have extra money to spend, go for it but in case, you are looking for a good ‘Paisa Vasool’ experience, I don’t think this movie would satisfy you.

It’s not that bad that I have to criticize it badly but neither good it is. It’s a mediocre movie which would be loved by some and hated by many.

My ratings for Shaadi Ke Side Effects – 3 out of 5

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  1. Heyy manpreet,
    Awesome!! Being a tech blogger and working day and night by reading and writing technlogy blogs causes fatique. That’s why I decided to watch “shaadi ke side effects” for a break and I must say its an awesome movie. Thanks for sharing this ultimate review.

    Bdw I am impressed with your blog design. So neat and clean with no ads bumping up. Eagerly waiting for your next post 🙂

    • Hello Nikhil,
      Did you like the movie so much? I was a bit disappointed, but yes, it was fun.
      Thank you and thank god! there’s at least one person who likes this design. Most of the people say it’s too simple and empty. But i like it this way only.
      Ads.. I am not working much on monetization.. so probably that’s the reason. Still, I don’t think there would be more than 2 or 3 small ads in widgets in future. 🙂

  2. Hi Manpreet,
    I don’t usually don’t read reviews before watching a movie. being a blogger i don’t want to waste my time to go to the theater; i’m sure the movie will premier on Tv within couple of months!
    Thanks for the review!

    • Hello Adithya,
      I can completely understand how a true blogger prefers to stay at home and spend his time working on his blog rather than any other seemingly interesting thing. I have been through that too but over the time, I realized how important it is for us to get acquainted to the outer world and keep ourselves up to date in every sphere of our life, be it movies or our own niche blogging. You should treat yourself sometimes.
      Movie would be same whether it’s in theater or on T.V. but what makes the difference is the ‘enviornment’. It presents you with change which is greatly needed for a blogger to keep his mind refreshed. Try it some day. Go for movie rather than watching it at home.
      I am sure you would feel the difference. What do you say about this?

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