Surprise. Surprise. YouTube is not just about comedy videos, beauty videos and cat videos. There’s a lot more to YouTube than you know. A lot that can make you a better person. A lot that can improve your life.

self improvement youtube channels to watch

Today, I am going to give you a list of five self improvement youtube channels that will help you out.

  1. The Financial Diet

It’s all about saving money, being better with your money and getting your finances sorted. The channel has helped me so much that I will forever be grateful to them. After earning lots of money for two years right after my college, I had no money in my pocket or bank account or anywhere. No savings. No investments. I believed it was not my fault. It was the big expenses.

But this channel taught me how to curb my expenses, how to plan my finances and how to manage my money in a better way. Of course, the book Rich Dad Poor Dad was also very instrumental in making me get serious about money but without this channel, I wouldn’t know what to do. It’s a must-watch channel for every 20 something person. EVERY.

2. Amy Landino

Now, if you’re a working professional or if you’re your own boss, Amy will teach you so many practical things with her videos. She can tell you about different routines that will make you better at what you do, she can answer some much-thought of but never asked questions, she can teach you how to be better at your job… she’s just amazing.

I have been following her channel since a long time and I am happy that I stumbled onto her channel.

3. Alux

Who doesn’t want to be rich? Each of us dream of getting rich but most of us don’t. It’s because we have no idea about what rich people do, and what makes them rich.

Alux gives you a lot of videos to teach you about the lifestyle of the rich. It teaches you numerous things that can make you a richer person. I have picked up a lot of great habits because of this channel. It’s a must-watch if you getting rich is your goal.

4. Thomas Frank

For those of you who are still studying, Thomas Frank has so many useful videos for you. How to deal with exam stress, how to be more productive and even, some great book recommendations – Thomas Frank has figured it out for you.

I discovered his channel a lot later after I was done with my studying, sadly, but I still find a lot of value in his videos as a lot of them are applicable to anybody in general. How to be productive? Who doesn’t want that?

5. Booktube

If you love to read books, which you should, you need to discover the world of book tube channels. I also own one at IndianBooktuber. This is a community, a growing one, on youtube that talks about books. From the obvious self-help and non fiction to the complicated and yet so inspiring fiction – booktube has everything you need when it comes to books. Just start browsing and you’ll open yourself up to so many new and pleasant surprises.

These are the five self improvement youtube channels I wanted to suggest to you. Do you know a great channel that should have been a part of this list? Introduce me to it, please. I’ll definitely add it up in this list if I find it useful. Comment now.

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