A guy with anger issues. He works out. He’s fit. Gym is his happy place and anger is what never leaves him, as if it were a guarding angel or the devil itself lurking on his shoulder.

The girl, usual, nothing special about her but hey! appearances are deceptive. See Me by Nicholas Sparks begins as a love story… sweet mushy romance, maybe but it soon turns into creepy and thrilling.

Colin has always had issues with the law and Maria is an attorney. Yet, they meet in the most unexpected way and hit it off. But Colin isn’t an easy guy to be with. Why would a normal, almost perfect girl like Maria date a guy like Colin?

About See Me By Nicholas Sparks

see me book review nicholas sparks

The book, a contemporary romance novel by the author of The Choice and The Notebook, is a 482-page romance novel that suddenly becomes thrilling with mystery and creepiness crawling out of it.

I picked it up expecting just another romance. And for a while, I felt it was that. Of course, that’s because I easily forgot the prologue and went on to dwell into Colin and Maria’s character and their budding romance.

The book – See Me, also a has several themes that made me like it – a guy with anger issues, unsafe workplace, a possible stalker, and suspense.

What’s lurking in Maria’s path that will come to bite her just when Colin and she got together?

What did Maria do? What’s Colin’s role in it? Would he able to control his anger and keep himself out of jail?

Would they end up together or would they both become a victim of circumstances?

See Me Book Review

I really liked this novel. I began reading and it was a normal romance for 200 pages or so. It was good, with the usual ease and vibe of Nicholas Sparks novels. The way he captures the mundane details of life… that’s beautiful.

But the book was nothing special so far. In fact, I procrastinated reading it for a long time but then I decided to continue reading and thank god! I did. Because it was a really thrilling and suspenseful romance. In fact, it’s a crime thriller coated with loads of romance, really.

For somebody looking for an entertaining romance novel but not just the usual girl meets boy romance, See Me by Nicholas Sparks could be a good pick.

See Me: Characters

I loved all the characters – it was good to see Colin struggle with his anger issues, though I feel it wasn’t enough. I never got any closing on that part of Colin’s character. Maria is nothing really special, honestly, except for her past that really pushes the entire story.

Colin’s friends, Evan & Lily, they’re the typical, slightly unreal, very helpful and supportive friends and you love having these people in this imaginary world. Then, Maria’s parents and her sister – they’re cool too. I loved Margolis for his relationship with Colin and what becomes of it by the end of the book.

See Me Plot

The plot was really normal in the beginning but when the main conflict starts – the stalker, the fear and the reason behind it all – that’s the best part of this book.

Told you! If you’re looking for a contemporary romance novel that’s more than just a typical romance but is full of thrilling mystery, go for it.

My ratings: 3.5/5 stars

Half star less than what I would have liked for the long build-up part in the beginning. It could have put me to sleep, if I wasn’t paying attention and determined to keep reading.

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