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5 Secrets Of Fashion Bloggers You Didn’t Know About


They’re the ultimate fashion trendsetters after the Bollywood celebrities. In fact, people go to them for fashion advice much more often than they try to spot trends from recent celebrity appearances.

fashion blogger

Fashion bloggers are now the new elites of the industry who seem to know everything about fashion. They seem to have the best clothes and so many clothes! But not all you see on the internet is true.

Here are some best-kept secrets about fashion bloggers.

1. They mix and match

Seriously! Their wardrobe isn’t as big as you think. I have seen several fashion bloggers coming out on YouTube and saying the truth.

Mix and Match Fashion

The reason why you may think they have a room full of clothes is their ability to pick versatile outfits, mix and match, and experiment with their outfits.

Due to these, they often end up creating new looks with the same outfits, giving you an illusion that they have a lot of outfits.

2. They buy affordable stuff too

I had a friend who was a big fan of this fashion blogger. She would buy everything this blogger featured on her blog. That often meant my friend was buying outfits worth thousands of rupees and it was totally not worth the money.

affordable wardrobe

You don’t need so expensive pieces in your wardrobe. Not all of them have to be like that. If you ask the blogger if she would buy the outfit herself (in most cases, they get them for free from brands), most of the times, the answer would be a no.

To know more about other fashion mistakes do read my post.

They also like affordable stuff and go for it when they’re actually shopping. When they’re not, they’re picking products that brands offer them and showing you what they like.

Never feel the compulsion to copy their entire wardrobe because most of the times, their real wardrobe stays hidden from you.

3. They are good at clicking pictures

Have you ever tried a recipe posted on a blog? We do everything exactly as mentioned in the recipe and still, we don’t end up with a delicious picturesque dish that we see on the blog. Right?

fashion photography

The same happens in fashion. We see that lovely girl wearing an outfit that’s amazing and then we buy from the same brand and put together the outfit. It just doesn’t look that way on you. Why?

While one of the reasons can be the fact that the appeal of an outfit is very much dependent on your body type (which is unique), the even more obvious reason is the photography skills of the bloggers.

They make the outfits look good in their photos and in real life, those outfits may look totally different.

If you want to click mind-blowing pictures in Instagram then do read my post for some easy tips.

4. They believe you’re only half dressed without accessories

To be honest, I believe it. I know many others do but I firmly believe that. Accessories just make you look better. They can make an outfit look so much better and I would do anything to bring that to your notice.

Fashion accessories

Build your accessories closet, ladies! It’s a must.

5. They don’t want you to copy them

Lastly, no fashion blogger truly wants you to copy their style. Yes, they want to inspire you with their style. They want to give you tips to look better. They want to keep you updated with the latest trends.

But one thing they don’t want you to do is to copy them. Nobody feels great when their efforts are stolen or copied. The same is with fashion bloggers.

So, next time you decide to copy the style of your favorite fashion bloggers, keep this point in your mind and do what you should do to show your love and respect for him/her. Agreed?

You need not exactly copy a fashion blogger to look stylish. There are some easy ways in which you can look more stylish.

Those are the five secrets of fashion bloggers that you needed to know. What do you think? Comment!

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