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How to pursue your passion after BTech? | Finix Post

How To Pursue Your Passion After BTech?

Do you want to pursue your passion after BTech? Maybe when you got into the course, you didn’t know what you liked or you...
holidays after btech

5 Things You Can Do In Holidays After BTech

Are you wondering what to do in the holidays after BTech? Maybe it's the mid-semester break, and you luckily have no training to do,...
clueless after btech

Feeling Clueless After BTech? Here is what you need to know

If you look at engineering graduates around you, you would feel like every other person is doing or planning to do engineering. Of course,...
dont want to do b.tech. anymore

What to do if you don’t want to do B.Tech. Anymore?

Do you enjoy B.Tech.? What if you don’t want to do B.Tech. anymore? What if you want to stop? Judging by the fact that...
dream jobs for lazy people

7 Habits You Should Adopt For A Better Life

While flipping through the pages of one of the most powerful business and self-help books, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, I’m thinking....
job after B.Tech. | how to get hired after btech

8 Reasons For Why You Won’t Get a Job After B.Tech.?

Do you know there are almost 5 lac seats for engineering in India? Let’s do some more calculations. Out of 5 lac seats, a...
Doing a job vs Finding your passion?

Doing A Job VS Finding Your Passion

I've failed at finding my passion. I've tried to get a job but I couldn't. I want to pursue my passion but I don't...
tips for engineers

Top 4 Tips For Engineers In India

I am an engineer. And when I was doing engineering, I started logging my ideas and thoughts about the course and life afterward on...
the great indian obsession

The Great Indian Obsession By Adithya Iyer

What's the story behind India's obsession with engineering? There are several stories and jokes behind the state of engineering in India. There are hopes and aspirations...
lost after btech

Is Engineering Really A Waste Of Time?

Being a very vocal person, I have always talked of how doing B.Tech. was a waste of time for me. But was it really?...