I have a problem. I’m watching too many romantic comedies these days. Or let’s just say I’m watching too much of T.V. – Netflix and Amazon Prime. I would have no regrets if it wasn’t for my work which is being sidelined.

However, blogging is also my work. Isn’t it? That’s why I decided to talk of some of the romantic comedies I have watched, some of these are the must-watch ones and some are just one-time watch. Shall we begin?

Romantic Comedies For The Weekend Binge

  1. 50 First Dates

romantic comedies for weekend
source: sonypictures.com

One of the best and most emotional romantic comedies, it’s about this woman named Lucy, Drew Barrymore (who’s a fan of Charlie’s Angels?), who suffers through a fictional disease – a kind of amnesia. Her memory lasts for only one day.

There’s a guy named Henry, previously a womanizer, who falls in love with Lucy and it’s their story – about Lucy forgetting Henry every next day and Henry still trying.

I watched this movie years ago and still, just talking about the basic story of the movie gets me emotional. Why would anyone call it a romantic comedy? It’s more like a pure romance movie.

2. The Proposal

romantic comedy movie - the proposal
source: amazon.co.uk

Starring Ryan Reynolds (Did you know he’s Canadian?) and Sandra Bullocks, it’s a story about this woman who is facing deportation from the U.S.  due to her expired visa. She hatches a plan to stay in the country by making her assistant, Ryan Reynolds, act like her fiance.

It’s a very funny movie, at times. Emotional and Bollywoodish. What’s bollywoodish? Well, I think a lot of the scenes from this movie would be very common and popular in Bollywood movies. Who knows? Maybe, they already are.

But it’s a really good movie that you can watch with your loved one on the weekend.

3. Life As We Know It

romantic comedy - life as we know it
source: missmalini.com

Okay, I watched this movie right after I watched Ugly Truth (in next point) and got fascinated with Katherine Heigl, the lead actress in this movie.

I, actually, watched this movie the second time this month. It’s about these two people who have to take care of their best friend’s child after they die in an accident.

It’s such a funny and feel-good story. I love the chemistry between the two characters, even when they totally hate each other, you know.

Honestly, I love these kinds of stories – two totally different people, hating each other in the beginning and then, falling in love. It’s a sure-shot success recipe for any romantic comedy. The latest Netflix original (kind of) in India – Love Per Square Foot is also roughly a plot like this. It’s not but still, you get the point. Right?

4. Ugly Truth

romantic comedies - ugly truth
source: sonypictures.com

I watched this movie because of Gerard Butler. Okay, this is a totally adult movie. Lots of dirty talks and scenes. But it was Gerard Butler, so I really liked it.

Now, don’t go in with lots of expectations. In fact, the movie was criticised a lot but I think it’s a nice movie to watch if you’re looking for romantic comedies for the weekend. Try it.

5. There’s Something About Mary

funniest romantic comedies
source: amazon.com

Starring Cameron Diaz, the movie is considered one of the funniest movies. It’s a 1998 movie which has been copied over and over again, something pretty common in Bollywood. I mean, there are some Bollywood movies that totally copied the entire scenes from the movies, but of course, couldn’t even come close to the original.

It’s a story about Mary and a lot of guys wanting to be with Mary and doing weird things, funny things, unusual things, stupid things and what not. It’s a really funny movie, yes.

6. Crazy Stupid love

Romantic comedies - Crazy Stupid Love and Romantic Movies

Now, it’s a good movie. With Ryan Gosling in it, it’s a treat to watch this movie. It’s about this very nice man who’s wife cheats on him and decides to divorce him. What a ***** of a woman! The nice man sulks and is shattered, until he meets this handsome ‘photoshopped’ bachelor, Ryan Gosling, who decides to teach him to woo women.

Crazy Stupid Love is a lovely movie. A feel-good movie you must watch. I wouldn’t give it full points on plot but it’s still very good.

7. Home Again

home again

It’s a latest Netflix original starring Reese Witherspoon and some handsome guys. The story is when Reese decides to move back to L.A. after separating from her husband.

One thing about Netflix originals is that plots are very light. I mean, I have watched Netflix Original T.V. shows that are brilliant – Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and many more, but with movies, I have often been disappointed. Same with this one.

I liked it as a one-time watch and would recommend it but not if you’re looking for something memorable and amazing.

There you go! My list of top seven romantic comedies that you can watch this weekend. Are you offended that your favourite wasn’t in the list? I am glad. Just comment below and I’ll watch it and see if it really deserves to be in the list. Comment now!

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