A wallet is a woman’s best friend.

Filled with all the bank cards (thanks to demonetization, we cannot live without those now) and reward cards, it becomes crucial to have a good sturdy card holder. And a makeup pouch for I keep traveling to and fro my hometown every month.

So, when I got a chance to review Kinzd Wallets and products, I was exhilarated.

Leather pouch?

Black card holder?

Makeup pouch?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Today, I am going to share my experience with these.

Let’s talk about packaging.

I ordered the product directly via Kinzd Wallets website. Their products are also available on Amazon.in.

I got the products in a well-packaged pouch which had another set of sealed pouches that held the beautiful items I bought.

So, as far as packaging goes, I think they do a very good job. There wasn’t a single wrinkle on the products, and I was thrilled to have it that way.

Product Review

Kinzd Wallets review

First product I got was the card holder. First thing, I noticed in both of the products, actually, was the sturdy zip. It’s shiny and it’s sturdy, not some light zip which you’re always scared to hold. It totally suited me for I am a person who puts every product she buys to a rough use. I can’t be gentle with the zips. I just can’t.

Kinzd Wallets review

The space inside the card holder is quite enough to hold my numerous reward cards in my attempts of saving money. There are two compartments and it can hold cash as well. So, this card holder can totally act like a full fledged wallet and you wouldn’t need anything else in your handbag as far as money & cards go.

Kinzd Wallets review

One more thing which women love to keep in their bags is a makeup pouch. I already told how I loved the chain and the whole look of the pouch was good enough to make my want this pouch from me.

Kinzd Wallets review

While I am still thinking about whether I should give it to her or not, I am using this for my own makeup and it has more than enough space to hold makeup items for a regular makeup user.

Overall, I felt the stuff of both the products was soft to touch and very good to feel. I liked the quality and look of the products and would totally recommend Kinzd wallets and pouches to you. Do check their collection on their website or on Amazon.

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  1. Great idea sharing this article post. I am yet considering whether I should give it to her or not, I am using this for my makeup, and it has more than sufficient space to continue makeup items for a regular makeup user. Can you suggest me what I can do this situation?


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