This movie has bagged the title of a bollywood movie with the highest single day collection. The movie crossed over 100 crore mark just in 4 days. Actor Shahrukh Khan says that he thinks that the movie is going to break all the records in bollywood. But is it really that good? Is it worth watching?

Yes, I am talking about Krrish 3. This is a sci-fi superhero movie which is directed by Rakesh Roshan and the star cast of the movie includes Hritik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi & Kangana Ranaut. While most of the people have been praising about the movie, this is what the Finix Post thinks about the movie –

Krrish 3; Krrish 3
source:Rakesh Belliappa via flickr


The story of the movie revolves around life of Krishna and his family. Krishna is also the superhero Krrish. The movie begins with Krishna and Priya living a happily married life. Their happy life is spoiled when Kaal enters the movie.

The story of the movie is just like any other bollywood drama movie. Hero, heroine, villain – everything was so predictable that I could easily guess what would happen next and trust me, there wasn’t a single time I was wrong. There is nothing new in the story.

If you talk about concept for there are very rare sci-fi superhero movies in Bollywood, there’s a famous Hollywood movie series   X-Men. Now, all the people who have watched X-Men would seriously call it a copy of the Hollywood super hit. There is nothing unique in the movie. The mutants, villain, action scenes. Seriously, it was actually shocking when we could even guess what’s going to happen next even during the climax scenes. Come on, they could have added something fresh and new at least in the action scenes.


While I am very much disappointed with the story line because I always long to see something fresh and this movie didn’t have anything at all, I got quite impressed with acting. For people who do not agree, Hritik is my favorite bollywood actor so I might take his side. I would really appreciate Vivek Oberoi for he has done a great job in the movie. For once, I even compared him Jhonny Depp. Sorry, but yep, I did because of his look in the entry scene of the movie. The actors have done a good job.


Now, coming to the main question – should you watch it? Yes, if you haven’t watched X-Men and if you are okay with the thing that there’s nothing new in the movie. It is in fact a onetime watch. No, if you do not like copied material. Never watch it if you like something original and new.

I would give it 7/10.

Tell me what score would you give to this movie.

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    • There are much better movies than Krrish 3. So, I would suggest you to pick some other movie instead of this. this is nothing but a bad copy of hollywood blockbusters


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