A Science Fiction Espionage Thriller – Baramulla Bomber was picked by me because of my ‘not so choosy’ attitude when it comes to books. My love for reading books forces me to try out all the books that I come across without reading previous reviews. And that’s why I chose this one to be the third book that I would read in 2014.

Baramulla Bomber
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Baramulla Bomber – how is the book? What does it talk about? What’s with the name? Is it a good one to read? Should anyone spend his precious time reading a book like this?

After a very long time, I want to write a detailed review of a book. Of course, this is the effect of reading Baramulla Bomber written by Clark Prasad.

Who wrote the book – Baramulla Bomber?

I want to start with the author of this book. Why? Because the book which I’m going to talk about is the first book of this author and I am very sure that all of you would want to know a bit about the author. Clark Prasad (Suraj Prasad) is a healthcare management consultant based in Bangalore, India (Planet Earth according to him).  He takes a great interest in astronomy and archeology and loves writing, traveling & hiking.

Probably inspired from Indian authors like Amish Tripathi (Shiva Trilogy), he has come out with his own Trilogy – Svastik Trilogy and the book which I am reviewing in this post is the first book in the series.

What’s it all about?

Heeding to the request by the author not to reveal the plot of the book, I would like to give a brief description of what this book talks about (I’m not going to reveal the plot). To be truthful, I cannot say just one thing to describe what this book is about. There are many things going on in the book – plans, plots, tricks which not only confuse you but also make you get deeply engrossed in the book.

The main characters in the book are Mansur Haider (an aspiring cricketer from Kashmir), Aahana Yajurvedi (Mansur’s girlfriend who is also trying to locate her friends who went missing a few days back), Adolf Silfverskiold (a Swedish agent investigating a weird incident that happened in Shaksgam Valley).  Along with this, there’s a battleground being prepared for India and Pakistan and there are people like Indian Home Minister, Agastya Rathore trying to get hold of the situation.

The book has too many questions which are supposed to be answered and these questions are what drive a reader to a page-turning experience.

I have never actually read a real ‘page turning’ book. According to me, a page-turning book would be a one that won’t make me get bored or distracted even for a single second while reading. This 300-page book is seriously a page-turning book and an awesomely well-framed thriller which would not only make you curious but also make you stick to the book till the end.

My interest in this book started at the very moment when I saw the cover page of this book. While I didn’t really understand what this book is about when I read the description at the back, I did start reading it because of the cover and then started my experience of reading Baramulla Bomber.

“I didn’t expect such a book from an Indian Author.” These were my comments to all the people who saw the book in my hand, in college, in public places & in the library who asked about this book that I had been reading. The author has done a staggeringly brilliant job. The concept, writing style, plot – everything has been perfect. Though I would still hate the author for he left me drooling for the next book. (I hope someone gifts me the next part too).

I can write a 1000 word essay (I did write it here) while praising this book and I seriously don’t want to write it so, I am going, to sum up my review with these few rapid-fire questions which I’ve asked and answered myself.

Did I like this book?

Of course, yes.

Is the plot interesting?

It’s hell more than interesting.

Is it something different?

It’s a blend of things you call as ‘different’. Any person interested in subjects like astronomy, secret forces & societies, universe & theory of creation, thrillers would love this book.

Do I want to read the next part?

95% yes. Minus 5% because this is a kind of book one would want to read slowly and enjoy which means you would need to spend quite a good lot of time on this book and that makes Baramulla Bomber a reason for me being off schedule on my blog and for my college assignments. Please don’t give me the second part (though I really want to read it :D)

What kind of person should read it?

Anyone who wants a different and thrilling experience must read this book.


In case, you’re looking to buy it now, which you should, here’s the link: Check Here

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    • Thank You Avinash. I hope this review helps. This book is definitely a one you should read and if you do read it, please don’t forget to share your views here.


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