Restaurant background music is more important than you think. While a lot of people may ignore its importance, the background music does make a difference, even if it’s in the background.

I love food. I love dining out but one thing I constantly notice is the restaurant background music. Some do it so well and some just spoil your dining experience.


I walk into this food court of Elante Mall and I want to sit and enjoy a pasta. However, the loud music blaring in the entire area makes it impossible to sit without your ears paining. Are you there with a friend? Consider it impossible to have a discussion.

While I write this, I recall of my last visit to Chandigarh where I visited a book cafe (or that’s what it was supposed to be). The owner, even though very clear about his place being a book cafe, was very much running a bar. With dim lighting and loud music, how do you expect somebody to browse through your collection of books and even, flip a page?

Moreover, it’s this stupid idea about have music with lyrics on. You see, when we visit a restaurant with a friend, we want to talk. We want to talk, not enjoy the music. The lyrics make it tough to concentrate, which is why most of the restaurants usually have instrumental music playing, well, the good ones do. The amateur ones unconsciously put off their customers and, maybe, even lose business.

A lot goes into running a restaurant. People spend tons of money and time into deciding the decor, menu, chef, staff and what not. But music, being a background thing, takes a backside. It’s a huge mistake. Consider that to be coming from a foodie and it truly should make you go through your playlist if you own a restaurant.


I also went on to the internet to see what other people think and I came across this post about psychology of restaurant background music. It clearly explains how and why fine dine restaurant have soft instrumental music. It also explains how music has an impact on your appetite and dining experience.

Overall, what I believe is that restaurants should always avoid playing loud music. If it’s a bar and you want people to dance rather than eat, go ahead and keep the volume high. But your focus is on the food, please keep it down! Also, choose good music. Try to keep it soft and avoid having music with lyrics as much as possible. Instrumental music is the right thing to do. If you do want lyrics, make sure the music is still soft and pleasing to the ears.

What do you think? Do you get irked by bad music in the restaurants? What are your views about restaurant background music?

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