Today, I’m going to share the recipes that make me drool. As you know that food is my weakness and also the sole reason behind me putting on 100 Kgs (not literally, but I feel like I have), so I thought why not share the reason why I got so fat. If you think I have secret nasty motives behind writing this post like trying to make you eat more than you do regularly and shunning your diet plan, you’re right. 

Me with my favorite sandwiches
Me with my favorite sandwiches

Which recipes make me drool? I am going to share the list but before that let me warn you about the stuff that is coming next. Most of the recipes I am going to mention have been created by me by taking inspiration from different food bloggers. Also, I have a habit of putting in all the spices and herbs I have in the kitchen while cooking and that makes my dishes taste exactly the way I want. Some dishes are the popular ones while some are my own creations. Here I am going to post a short introduction to the recipe and a picture just to tease your taste buds. In case, you want me to share step wise and detailed recipes, do let me know. I would be happy to create such posts for you.

The first recipe I love the most is kebabs, be it veg or non veg. This is the one I managed to create after three failed attempts. I just wonder why famous chefs of India forget to mention that we have to add bread crumbs and cornflour to make the mixture bind properly. I also crushed cornflakes and covered the kebabs with a layer of crushed corn flakes and that tasted super yum! Plus if you take a closer look at the picture, you would know that these kebabs are not normal, they’re filled with CHEESE. And how I did that is a secret which would only be revealed if you ask for the recipe!

Aloo Matar Kebab
Aloo Matar Kebab

This list of Recipes that make me drool comes from a Punjabi girl and so it becomes necessary to include this in the list. Dal Makhani is one dish that gave me the biggest shock of my life. Seriously, my mom used to put onions in almost every main course dish and when my cooking teacher told me that you are not supposed to put onions in Dal Makhani, I was shocked and I doubted if the dish would even be good. But I have been using the very same recipe for treating my guests since 2 years and they always happen to love it.

Next recipe that makes me drool is Malai Kofta. So, there are basically two types of koftas that are cooked at my home – the one in which balls are made of boiled potatoes and the one in which the balls are made of vegetables. This one you saw above is the one with potatoes (and cottage cheese) and tastes delicious with rice. Weird combination but trust me! it works.

Malai Kofta
Malai Kofta

I love onions. They, in fact, keep you cool in summer just like cucumber does. So, a list where I talk about Dal Makhani – a dish without onions, is bound to have another dish listed that consists of lots of onions. And cottage cheese is like the ultimate love of vegans in India. Right? I am not a vegan but I cook non-veg dishes rarely. And this picture is making me drool. Let’s move on to next one.

sauted onions, green chillies and garlic

Now, this is a jumbo pack. LOL Here are five more recipes that make me drool.

Top Left: Besan Aur Bread Ke Pakore. Sorry but don’t know the English name of this dish. This is a dish I have always savored while watching Shaktiman and every time I eat it now, it reminds me of my childhood. So, it not only affects my taste buds but also affects my memories.

Top Right: Poha. Why? Because my best friend hates it. 😛 So, whenever I need to keep him away from my food, I take poha in the tiffin.

Bottom Left: Veg Pulao. So, my mother always doubted whether I am her real daughter who was born in Punjab or someone else because I liked rice so much. In plains, people eat chapattis regularly, not rice. But I happened to be of the other kind.

Bottom Right: Chana Masala with Bhature. Why? Because it is the perfect punjabi breakfast. 😛

Centre: Sooji Ka Halwa. Khane ke baad kuch meetha ho jaye? 😉 (Let’s have something sweet after finishing the rest of the meal).

Now, you know the 9 recipes that make me drool. And you might not believe it but I not only love eating them but also love cooking them. Wait! Self Obsession time plus there is one thing which have always helped me survive during my college days. Here it is!

I love trying out different combination of sandwiches and they always make me drool. Like always!

I hope you liked looking at the pictures and they made you drool too. Let me know if you need the complete step wise recipes and I will be happy to share. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Manpreet,
    Great post indeed 🙂
    To be true, I am also a big fond of veg pulao and fried rice.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a successive blogging journey 🙂


    • Hello Naveen,
      One question – if you had to choose between pulao and biryani, what would you choose?
      Just something I keep asking from everyone who likes either pulao or biryani

      • Hi Manpreet,
        Thanks for the question.
        I will choose Pulao because I can cook it more tasty thank anyone else. Even My father also love pulao cooked by me. 😛


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