I want to talk of a character – Celaena Sardothien.

“You could do anything, if you only dared. And deep down, you know it, too. That’s what scares you most.”

Celaena, the Queen of the underworld, the best assassin, and yet just an eighteen year old girl gets a second chance – to be free. She was betrayed once and ended up imprisoned waiting for her death. But she’s offered another chance – a chance to win back her freedom, by being the king’s champion. The king she hates and fears the most!

She’s so unbelievable and yet so real. The whole book is. Set in a fantasy world, the whole read gives you numerous things to relate to in your life, to draw inspiration from.

I’ve never seen a character like Celaena… with so many shades. And did she really read a book like fifty shades of grey in her world? That’s for the author to tell.

Celaena Sardothien, however, is THE character you’ll want to love from a fictional world. She’s arrogant. She’s proud. She’s cunning. And yet, she’s so innocent, kind and youthful. She’s smart and yet, let’s her heart rule over her. And also, she loves to read, a lot. She can be whatever she wants, when she wants to.

In the end of the book, when she gets blows after blows, seeing her struggle through it, taking each blow and getting down under it… I mean I find this character so much real due to this.

But let’s move to the wickedness of the author instead of gushing over Celaena. The author doesn’t let you pick the hero for yourself. In the finale, she makes your soul bleed with every blow Celaena gets and with every line you read… she ensures to let every ounce of you get full of emotions and plays with it. Wicked!

Now, calling somebody wicked sure sounds offensive. But I’m sure the author would take that as a compliment (I hope so) for there’s no other way for me to praise her craft… what she does… Chaol or Dorian? Did she have to hurt my favourite characters for so long… make me feel that way?

What she does with the characters and the plot… with every line? It’s amazing. It’s long lasting… it would be long before I would be able to feel this way again… maybe with the next book in the series but what when I finish the series? It would leave a void! It would make me want more… beg for more.

Why didn’t I read this before? Why am I not reading this again? Why am I not reading just this book and nothing else for the many many years?

I LOVE throne of glass!

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