One day you visit a restaurant and fall in love with it. The food, the ambience and the service – all seem perfect to you and that’s why you consider it as your duty to inform your buddies about such a great place. You don’t want your social circle to miss that amazing place.

But after a few days, when you decide to visit the place again, you find yourself LOST. Everything you talked of about that place appears to be a big fat lie then. Did that ever happen to you?

Well, it happened to me a day before. On October 27, 2013, when Finix Post just began its journey, I reviewed this restaurant named Quiznos. I actually loved the restaurant and have always thought of going there again and again.

So, two days before I ended up at Quiznos once again. Though I had to face a bit trouble because the Sec 22, Chandigarh outlet of Quiznos was permanently closed but I found another one at Phase 3B2, Mohali.

After being welcomed with cold looks from the staff, I placed my order quickly for I knew exactly what I wanted to eat. It was Spicy Angry Seekh. I actually loved this dish and gave it 10/10 in my last review.

food quest Spicy Angry Seekh

Let’s see how it was this time.


The picture you saw before was from my last visit. And this is what I got in this visit to Quiznos.

It looks ugly. Doesn’t it? The haphazard manner in which the dish is presented is really bad. From the presentation itself, I could guess that this wouldn’t be a good experience at Quiznos.

Anyways, when we were served this dish we were confused. How were we supposed to eat salad with those toothpicks (you can see in the picture)?So, my friend who accompanied me couldn’t
keep it to himself and asked the person who was serving us, “how are we supposed to eat the salad?” The answer we got was – TOOTHPICKS.

After he shared some confused plus annoyed looks, the Quiznos serving personnel gave us the forks which were actually of extremely low quality and when we moved to our table (Quiznos is a self-service restaurant), we found out that those forks were actually broken.


For the presentation didn’t impress us, we couldn’t be that unbiased towards the taste. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like it the way I did last time. For taste, I would give 3/10. The salad was kinda stale. It wasn’t fresh at all. The green chutney didn’t taste good. And the Seekh Kabab was cold. How was I supposed to like such a dish?


When we visited the store, it turned out that the medium sized dishes like medium sized coke, medium sized pizza etc were just not available. I felt that was done to force the customer to go for the bigger servings of food. Well, that’s a pathetic way of making profits. Isn’t it?

The price we paid for a Spicy Angry Seekh and a LARGE size coke was too much. The Seekh was just cooked frozen Seekh Kabab like the ones of McCain that we can easily buy for Rs. 150/- (for 10 pieces) and we would have got four times the quantity we got here. What we paid was almost Rs. 150/- which was too much for 2 seekhs and one cold drink. Though it was of the large size, it was actually the regular sized glass that we get at other restaurants.

Okay, I think I have made my point. Everything was too overpriced and didn’t match the standard we expected after paying such a price.

Guys, I take my words back. On October 13, 2013, I asked all of you to give a try to food at Quiznos. I recommended it to many people but now, DON’T EVER GO THERE. It is horrible.

Have you ever visited Quiznos? How was the experience?

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  1. Hello Manpreet,
    By this I can understand the importance of way of representation. Really nice information shared. You cannot find always right. By experience you can differentiate between this.

    • Yup, presentation has the utmost importance. You know many people ask me how I score 80% or above in my exams and still call myself a novice in computer science. That is because the reason behind my good marks is that I present better even when I know little about the subject.

  2. Hi Manpreet,

    Ambiance + Cordiality + Presentation + Taste = A G8 Experience 🙂

    Of course with great friends and @not so great price…
    This is a unique story for me. I can’t recall when I’ve read such an interesting story with honest reviews backed by nice pics.

    • Hello Akash, Thanks a lot for liking the review. An appreciation from a pro blogger like you really means a lot and you know I get amazed at the fact that you actually take out time to visit blogs of the people who comment on your blog and read their posts. Not many people do this. And you are one of the special and good ones 🙂
      Keep visiting Finix Post 🙂


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