“Every time, my mom got herself a new suit, I got one too as if it was a competition for me.”

Being a Punjabi, I have grown up wearing Punjabi suits and trying out different styles. I still have more than fifty suits in my wardrobe that I bought once, wore a few times and then left in the cupboard to be passed on to someone else who would love to wear all those fancy salwar suits and churidars.

In last two years, I had to focus on building a new wardrobe. I bought a lot of western outfits – denim, tops, maxi dresses, short and stuff like that. I purchased a couple of suits as well. But of course, as almost everyone around me is getting married (literally), I need a lot of new suits.

So, when Sareez dot com contacted me to try out their website, I decided to ger myself an outfit that I could wear on light occasions like sangeet party, etc. Punjabi weddings may be fun for many, but when it’s a family wedding, you’re bound to accommodate all that fun with lots of work. The dress I chose is a perfect fit for such situations.

As I share my experience with Sareez.com, I also want to list down some Punjabi suit styles that I adore. It’s more of how I like to wear Punjabi Suits.

How do I like To Wear Punjabi Suits?

  1. Simple & classy

life of manpreet in punjabi suits

I can’t imagine the time you will see me wear heavy chunky embroidery. I like subtle and classy, nicely woven embroidered suits. I have always liked that kind of stuff. Moreover, smaller motifs make you look thinner. What else could I want?

So, I pick embroidered Punjabi suits that give you a fresh look. Sareez dot com has a vast collection of ethnic wear and choosing an outfit for myself from their range was a cakewalk.

2. Neck designs

neck designs punjabi suits

I like to experiment with neck designs but currently, high-neck designs are in vogue, and I wanted to buy one for myself. So, I got a Punjabi suit with a high neck design, and that goes in V-shape. V-shape, again, makes you look thinner. It gives an illusion of making your neck look a bit longer (which is much required if you’re wearing high-neck designs) and bust looks less heavy. Yes! I like to carefully pick my dresses according to my body type and weight.

3. Salwar style for Punjabi Suits

salwar styles for punjabi suits

I like salwars that have well-defined pleates. When I got this suit, it didn’t have the fabric heavy enough to give that definition to the pleates. So, what I did was got lining all under the salwar to make it look heavier. It did do the trick. You can still see the pleates on the salwar even when the fabric was quite light. Don’t you? It did cost me a lot of extra money, but I guess it was worth it. I keep the cuffs a bit smaller than the usual. I wouldn’t recommend you to do it if you’re plump like me. It makes you look fuller. But in this, I made an exception as my mom is completely absorbed by the trend of tight cuffs and insisted I got one for myself.

4. Accessories with Punjabi Suits

accessories for punjabi suits

I always go light on accessories. Necklaces are a big no-no for me. I think they make you look older and don’t go with the Punjabi girl look, not in these days. So, I paired this suit with a pair of earrings. The earrings have jhumkis in it. I absolutely adore big jhumkas which are traditional Punjabi jewelry. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a pair that could go well this one, so I wore the ones I already had. In fact, sareez dot com also have an excellent jewelry collection. You should check it out.

accessories with punjabi suits

In my hands, I wore a big kada. Now, it’s not completely Punjabi, but then again, I styled this Punjabi suit with what I already had. You can go for traditional kadas that will look adorable with such a suit.

Punjabi jutti

For footwear, it was obvious what I would pick – traditional Punjabi Jutti. That’s the most comfortable and stylish footwear you can wear with Punjabi Suits.

So, that’s how I wear Punjabi Suits. Did you get some ideas from my post on how you can style suits? If yes, comment below with a ‘yes’ or what idea you got! I would love to hear back from you.

My shopping experience was amazing with Sareez dot com. I did feel the fabric was light, and it could have been better, but the end product looked too gorgeous. So, I am really happy with what I bought and would recommend you to check out their collection and see if you like anything. If you have a favorite online shopping website, I would like to hear about it too.


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