What do you think of a working model where you can sit at home, write random stuff and make big bucks? Awesome. No? Does such a thing exist? Yes. Blogging. No. Not really.

While the lot that sees bloggers flaunting their internet lifestyle believes this part of the story, bloggers are acutely aware of what goes into blogging. Of course, not all of us would want to reveal that. Except me.

problems faced by bloggers

Today,  I am going to list some problems that are faced only by bloggers. Just so that you would know what exactly you need to do if you want to be a blogger.

  1. Blogger’s Block

It’s a situation when you just don’t feel like writing. Your blog requires new content, but there’s no topic which you want to write. Either you just don’t find any issues, or you just don’t feel like writing on them.

As I write this post, I finally realized that I had been suffering from Blogger’s Block since past few weeks. Though I think I am quite good at overcoming this blogger’s disease, it was tough this time as I didn’t realize I was suffering from blogger’s block.

It’s a horrible phase of your blogging career where you suffer emotionally and financially. Not cool.

2. Wrong perceptions about us

Hundreds of people either don’t believe how we earn money or just can’t stop getting jealous of how “awesome” our life is. We do make money. But it isn’t an easy task.

Connecting with the right set of people for sponsored posts, delivering excellent quality and unbiased content to the readers, focusing on affiliate sales without acting promotional and continuously trying to grow our blog’s reach involves a lot of technicalities and efforts. Stop thinking that we just sit idle at home and money comes in.

3. Keeping our passion alive

A lot of bloggers do. But I believe all the successful bloggers out there are the ones who started blogging for they wanted to share, not because they wished to earn. Their blog is driven by passion, not by greed for money.

Money is a perk that comes with passionate blogging. So, all of those who think we’re blogging because we want to make money out of it, shut up. No one can survive for long in this industry if money factor just drives them.Mon

We put in a lot of effort to keep our passion burning. Stop judging us for what we do!

4. Bankrupt Brands

Talk about dealing with brands and PRs, most of them act as if they’re just bankrupt. Of course, they have money to launch a huge T.V. ad campaign, but they’re unable to pay us for the hours we spend on a blog post to help them build their reach.

It is one of the biggest reasons why making money from blogs isn’t as fun as it sounds. First of all, you would have to convince the brand about the value they can get by working with you. Then you have to fight the general viewpoint which considers that giving some useless credits or vouchers is enough as a payment for our efforts. As if, those vouchers will pay my bills!

5. The uncertainty

Every other day there’s a change which shuffles everything around the internet. Your blog that was getting thousands of visitors till yesterday isn’t getting even half of them today. All your efforts are just gone.

Luckily, this hasn’t happened to me. Yet. But I think almost all the bloggers live with this uncertainty where one of their most effective monetization technique just goes wrong. We all live with the truth that we might lose all the traffic from our best traffic source just in a swish of a moment.

Are you a blogger? Do you agree with these? Did I miss something? If you’re not a blogger and are aware of blogging, I am sure you didn’t know about all these things we go through. Did you? 

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    • Hello Kushagra,

      No matter where you make your blog – wordpress, tumblr, blogger or anywhere else… as long as you put fresh content on a consistent basis on a website, you can term yourself as a blogger.

      However, there’s a huge difference between hobby bloggers and professional bloggers. Hobby bloggers just do it for fun. Professional bloggers make their bread and butter from their blog. They’re far more serious and focus a lot on blog monetization.

      I hope that answers the question well.

  1. I have recently started blogging. When I started I thought my blog will finally become my gateway to freedom from my 9-5 job. Sadly the reality is something else :/

    • I think you have been misguided by someone. Blogging isn’t a quick way to become rich or quit your 9 to 5 job. It’s simply impossible. So, the reality is sad but something which is quite expected.

      Give some time to your blog. You need to sow the seeds, nurture them and then think of reaping the benefits.

      • Yes, I agree and I am working in the same direction. Trying new things, experimenting. Partnering with relevant merchants and selling their Products/services as an affiliate but most importantly trying to deliver best quality article.


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