There are those who crave for consistency in their lives and then there are those who think consistency is overrated. Are these the same people who can prove global warming is a farce? Maybe.

But demeaning the importance of consistency has serious repercussions. Because you see, there are many tasks that can be accomplished only with consistency.

For example, trying to make sales on my newly launched E-commerce site. To make the number of sales I want it to make, I have to be consistent. I cannot be working for a day and then sitting back to wait for the magic to happen. I need to work hard every day. There’s no other way around it.

Similarly, it can be your course syllabus. You cannot just study one day and hope to learn something or even pass the exam.

Consistency is important. Every time. All the time.

Practice consistency

The toughest challenge

But what are the toughest challenges you face because of this?

Having to be consistent is actually the toughest challenge in itself. Every good thing comes with hard work. There are that lingering pain and feeling of ‘what if it didn’t work’ that keep us from being consistent and hence, make us unable to achieve our goals.

Every time I find myself resisting being consistent, I get reminded of the things I didn’t do consistently and how I could have achieved greater things in my life if I had stopped doubting myself and working on that idea in a consistent manner.

Self-doubt is the biggest enemy of consistency

be consistent

Talk about my BookTube channel. I decided I would make books related videos in 2015. But, I was doubting myself. It was a very new and unexplored field in YouTube India platform. Would Indian people really want to see videos about books? Why not pick a niche that is popular rather than going for something like this?

All such questions and doubts made me irregular. I hardly put up one video a month for a year. Obviously, I didn’t make much progress. Compare it to the regular video schedule I have been following in this year and it is the proof of how consistency can make all the difference between your success or your failure.

So, once you have learned through your own lessons and you believe in the power of consistency, what does it take to be consistent?

Honestly, there’s no tip that will work for you. You can try some ideas and experiment but the only thing that will really make you consistent is your determination to put away your self-doubts, push yourself to the level of your breaking point and do that thing you need to be consistent of. That’s the only way to do.

What do you think? Like my learning from my attitude towards my BookTube channel, have you experience something in your life that made you believe in the power of consistency? If yes, what was it?

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  1. I personally idolize you when it comes to blogging overwhelmed by you i too want to start my own blog this blog gave the ‘kick’ to start my blog soon …
    Pls guide me about personally about blogging

    • Thank you Prashik.
      That means a lot. I haven’t been a perfect blogger but what matters more is loving what you do. Please free to ask any questions you have. Will certainly help 🙂


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