That means one video every alternate day. It has been three months since I have been posting one video on my channel on every odd day. I also post bonus videos (usually 3-4) and going from posting 2-3 videos a month to about 20 videos a month was an immensely learning and fulfilling experience.

Recently, I was asked how I do it. How do I manage to post a lot of videos? I have tried this stint with my blog and even when it’s much easier to write a blog post than posting a video, I cannot do it. I have failed at it and if you have some tips on how to do it as well, please comment.

But today, I am going to tell how I did it with my YouTube channel.

How To Post A Lot Of Videos?

  1. Make a list of ideas

write everything down to make your life simpler

The biggest challenge that you face when you increase the upload frequency is the video topics. Finding a topic for a video isn’t easy, especially if you have a niche specific channel like mine. I make videos about books.

Now, this book lovers community on YouTube has specific video formats like Wrap-ups, TBRs and Book Hauls. However, if you do any of this more than once a month, it gets too much. So, I ultimately had 3 easy ideas and nothing more. Book reviews could have been a good option but they are my bonus videos, not main videos.

Hence, I had to think very hard to find out what videos I’ll make and the first day I sat to brainstorm ideas, I was scared. I couldn’t think of much ideas and that made me feel like I shouldn’t have decided to do this in the first place.

Be prepared to get that thought in your head every other day and push it aside as soon as it comes. It wouldn’t take a long time after then to create a long list of ideas.

  • Always note down the ideas in one single document.
  • Make sure you not only write the points but also make the mini script right there. When you’re making a lot of videos, only writing the points will leave you confused.
  • Spend at least half an hour every day working on this list.
  • Don’t be afraid to chuck out the ideas that you don’t like by the time you get to them. Initially, I had a list of 3-months worth of ideas. I ended up using those ideas only for the first month.

2. Batch shoot your videos

posting a lot of videos - production

Filming a video takes time. My filming process involves getting ready –  taking a bath, choosing the clothes and putting on the makeup. Then I set up the lighting and camera. Then I start filming. Even before filming a video, it takes me about 20 minutes to get it all ready. If I had to film a video every day, these 20 minutes would make the task seem much tougher than usual. Moreover, life happens to all of us. Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to shoot. Maybe you need to run an urgent errand or visit somebody special. Batching is the rescuer in this case.

It typically means that you have to shoot more than one video at once. Focus on having a filming day and shoot as many videos as you can on that day. My best score has been six videos at once. What’s yours?

Understand that your equipment may limit you with this. For example, I don’t have extra camera batteries. So, I can shoot only until one charge of the battery lasts. For long-term, you need to focus on eradicating such limitations.

So, how do you prepare for batch shooting your videos?

  • Recharge your camera’s battery to full.
  • Get all your scripts ready beforehand.
  • Get the clothes ready beforehand. It’s good to change your clothes in every video (I don’t do it for I am too lazy but you should).
  • Schedule the time in your calendar and mentally prepare yourself for the shooting day.

3. Edit and upload your videos all at once

post a lot of videos - editing

Just like batching your videos, editing videos is an important step and it takes a lot of time. Best idea is to grab all the videos you shot on the filming day and edit them all at once.

It’ll be like you working for one whole night and getting all your videos ready. Considering that you live in India, I would know that after editing, it takes you a decade to upload the video :P. So, my suggestion is starting uploading them right away and upload your videos one by one but without any delay.

Once all are uploaded, go ahead and do all the important after-upload stuff.

  • Make a thumbnail.
  • Add the title and description of the video.
  • Add relevant links to the video.
  • Add tags to the video.
  • Add end screens and annotations.
  • Schedule the video for the date and time you want it to go live.

Yes, on YouTube, you can pre-schedule your videos so that they get published on right time, no matter if you’re free at that time or not.

4. The not important but really important stuff to post a lot of videos

All of the above-mentioned stuff was very technical and to be honest if it was the only thing you had to do to post a lot of videos, everybody could have done it. There must be something which makes such an upload frequency hard to maintain. Let’s talk about them.

post a lot of videos

  1. Priority

If you’ve ever wondered why you cannot do this thing, it has a simple answer – it’s not your priority. Why don’t I post on this blog every day? It’s not my priority. I write so much for different brands that I just feel sick of writing by the end of the day. So, I don’t feel like writing another post and promoting the hell out of it.

The same is with my Vlogging channel. I post sparingly on it even when it’s supposed to be a daily vlogging channel. But the Booktube channel is my priority. Hence, I make sure I pre-film videos, upload them and promote the hell out of them. In addition to that, I also roll out a lot of bonus videos.

If you really want to grow your channel, you have to make it your priority. You’ll need to spend time editing your videos instead of watching that new movie everybody is talking about. You’ll need to make a lot of sacrifices and set your priorities right.

2. Ignorance

When you upload a lot of videos, you’ll also get more attention – good and bad. People may notice you for posting so much of videos. Your views and subscribers will go up, provided you’re doing it right. And with that comes the negative part of YouTube or doing anything publicly – criticism and hatred.

Nasty comments and accusations will bother you and try to break your shield. One small crack on it means you’ll miss a day and your whole posting a lot of videos resolve would go to trash.

Does it happen to me? It happens every day. Some people like my videos, some don’t. Some think every video about reading is same. Some think my TBRs and Wrap-ups are same. Some think I don’t make book-related videos on my channel solely focused on books. It keeps happening.

Now, if I have to explain that I could have answered how reading is a niche in itself and no two videos about reading are same unless I make them same. TBRs and wrap-ups – come on! Even their meaning is different. How can the video be same? I don’t know what the definition of book-related videos is for other people but I work according to my definition. And I am already waiting for next set of comments – you just make tag videos on your channel. Do you know why such a comment would come? Because 2 of my 20 videos this month would be tag videos. But do you see the point here?

You cannot make everybody happy and also, not explain and make your point in front of everybody. Some people just don’t want to listen. All they want is to make you feel bad and make you break down. A lot of them will be your best friends, top viewers, and well-wishers. They may not do it to hurt you but they do it unknowingly.

However, let’s talk about the impact on you. All such things will put a crack on your shield every day. It takes practice to make your shield strong enough to not let such things impact you.  But until you get that strong, you will need some time to repair and until then, your batch produced videos will help you stay on track. What happens when you can’t repair on time? You go fight the battle anyway.

3. Focus

To be honest, posting a lot of videos gives great results. My channel is growing at a faster rate than before and I feel so good about it. But the distractions happen every day.

One hate comment is enough to make me feel I am not doing it right. But it’s all crap, you see. If you think you’re doing it right, that’s what matters. What others say or think shouldn’t get to you.

At the same time, you may not see the numbers rising up in the beginning. I always used to think increasing upload frequency would reduce the views per video. In the beginning, it did seem like that. But it was just a stupid thing I was telling myself. YouTube is a competitive space and you have to work harder to outshine others. Posting a lot of videos is the first step you need to take.

That’s how I manage to post a lot of videos. Did this post help you figure out my secret? Do you have any questions? Ask in the comments below!

Did it help you in some manner? Consider helping me out to make this blog better.


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  1. Hey Manpreet, I really like your article, and it’s great to see that you’re “living what you’re preaching” on your channel. I also wanted to encourage everyone who isn’t able to upload daily: I only upload about once a month and have still been able to grow my channel. It really depends on what kind of videos you’re making and how much effort you put into them, as well.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights, Anna. Could you please share the link of your channel? I will check it out.
      It’s true. Sometimes, you can gain thousands of subscribers with just one video and sometimes it will take thousands of videos to gain a few subs.
      But I still would emphasize on posting a lot of videos if you’re on YouTube for a long run and want success in lesser time.


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