Are you into politics? There’s something sick yet interesting about the field. There’s also the hope for everything to become better. All of it just pulls us towards the politics.

If you’re also a reader, a political fiction would be a perfect genre for you. I have read two political fictions in last two years and have loved them. The Linchpin by Neeraj Ashok was the third one I read and here’s what I think about it.

About The Book – The Linchpin by Neeraj Ashok

The Linchpin is a political fiction novella that’s set around an event of an assassination attempt of the current Prime Minister of India.

It’s a fast-paced story in the Kabir Chronicles series that involves a dark plan, lots of driving and a nice plot.

What did I think about The Linchpin?

I don’t read many novellas. I am used to reading big books. Bulky books just turn me on. But it was surprisingly refreshing to read a novella and like it.

I actually enjoyed the fast paced plot where every moment a new thing was happening. I loved moving so fast with the story. For a person who always reads big books, this maybe a refreshing activity. So, try it if you haven’t.


The Linchpin by Neeraj Ashok Book Review | Finix Post

Talking about the plot, it is quite similar to the current political scenario in the country and you would easily point out the similarities. The whole imagined plot maybe a delight to many but may also be hated by the people who may support the opposite side. But then, you wouldn’t be a true reader if you read fiction like that. So, forget the similarities and just focus on the plot, if you can.

I would say the beginning of the plot is fantastic. I kind of suspected everybody and until it was all cleared, I kept changing my sitting positions because of restlessness.

But after a point, it gets very predictable and convenient, which I do not admire in the books. I always need to get the thrill and there should always be a mystery around things until the book ends. This book doesn’t fair well in the ending part.


There are several characters which will tend to grab your attention. There’s Kabir who is an important character, indeed, but I didn’t feel his importance that much. I loved seeing him in action and doing things but I desired more from him which I didn’t get.

There are a woman and CIA chief that turn out to be important characters. There’s also ISI chief and I feel all of them played their roles well in the book but again, they wouldn’t get full marks for it if I had been rating them.

Writing Style

It’s simple and fast paced. It’s well enough to make you enjoy this book – The Linchpin.

I do feel the book could have been better if it was a bit longer. The second half of the book wasn’t as impressive as the first one. All in all, the book is a good quick and refreshing read that can help you feel good about yourself for finishing a book and enjoying it. So, if you have never tasted a novella, try it and see if it’s your thing.

My ratings: 3/5

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