After years of political inactivity, India is getting its voice back. The opposition is restless than never before. People are expressing their opinions and making themselves heard. Thousands of young men and women have developed a keen interest in politics in just a few years. Are you one of them? Are you interested in politics? I am.

the dormant state by dibya satpathy

My taste for books depends on my interests and hence I started looking for a political fiction. A genre which isn’t that popular in the country… but then I came across this newly published Indian political fiction which seemed to have an interesting plot.

So, what kind of books this is?

Have you come across a book which is so good that it makes you want to read many more books?

The Dormant State is that kind of book.

It’s invigorating, fresh, intriguing, eye-opening, interesting and addicting.

For a person who is facing a reading slump and who is finding it tough to read books, this book comes as bliss. It would be an understatement to call this book amazing.

About the Book The Dormant State

The story follows Aniruddh, born and brought up in one of the poorer states of the country –Odisha, who dreams of being a politician while everyone was busy preparing for MBBS or B.E./B.Tech. He chooses the unconventional way and sticks to it. The story is about how this middle class guy with no political connections ends up being a powerful politician of the state. Read more about the plot here.

The book is written by a debutant author – Dibya Satpathy. He, himself, comes from Odisha and is an army officer. Writing came to him as a pastime to overcome loneliness. Oh! I need to interview this person as I am totally curious about him after reading this book.


There are few books that manage to grab your attention right from page one and The Dormant State mesmerizes you right from the line 1! The excellent and provocative writing style of the author bound with careful words and facts would definitely leave a lasting impression on the reader’s mind.

The story begins with Aniruddh facing resistance from his family for his weird career choice. He opts for arts instead of science despite being a bright student at school. Quite enough for one month’s gossips for the Indian aunties!

Then begins the chain of events that led this guy to his destiny. The kind of thought and planning that has been done to build every situation and the way it has been put down in the book is appeasing and entertaining. You will turn the pages on and on.

The twists and turns along with some crazy secrets sparkle in the book. That buzzing in your heart for what’s next would never leave you while reading this book.

Characters are great. Of course, you wouldn’t care about anyone but Aniruddh. Still, whatever small or big role each character played was crafted to perfection. It was as if every character was right in front of my eyes, completely sorted yet twisted.

The twists and turns make this book nothing less than a thriller. This book’s story goes far beyond what any Indian movie based on political theme has managed to accomplish. The presentation of the author is close to epic.

A strong to-the-point book is rare in our country. And having come across such a gem in this year is nothing but my good luck. I have found a book which I am going to talk about for months.

Another great point about this book is the place it has been set in. It’s away from usual metro cities of the country which are popular destination for the fictional characters of the country. It’s set in a state which hardly gets attention. It not only allows you to enjoy a political theme but also gives you precious insights about politics in the country, plight of some dormant states and some food for thought about community riots.

I think it’s great read for anyone who is interested in politics but doesn’t want to mess with those non-fictions. The Dormant State is a great read for a person who’s looking for a thrilling, exciting and meaningful story.

My Ratings: 5/5

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  1. wow!! 5/5… that’s quite some rating sweetie… let me see if I can make time for this one.. you have made it sound super interesting by calling it a provocative style of writing 🙂


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