Have you ever been in a situation where you are getting late for a party and you cant find your party dress or suit in your wardrobe? I bet you have. And I am sure you also know the reason for not finding what you were looking for. Yes, you are right, it’s the mess that you have created in your wardrobe.

organize wardrobe

The main cause of that mess is your laziness. Some of us think that its cool to have a messy wardrobe, well, it’s not. An unorganized wardrobe shows your unorganized personality and lifestyle. And believe me friends, nobody would want such a person around or in their lives.

So, if you want to change your lifestyle but don’t know where to start, start with your wardrobe.

Here are few tips to help you organize your wardrobe and improve your lifestyle and personality.


Give your wardrobe some space to breathe. Just keep your best clothes and the ones you use frequently in your wardrobe. Do not pile it up with all the clothes you have. This would help you in organizing your wardrobe in a better way.


You should keep separate sections for different types of clothes. For example, keep your bottom-ware  in different section and your top-ware in a different section. Similarly, keep your sarees separetely (in case you’re a woman) along with the related stuff, like blouses etc. This way, you would be able to find your clothes easily when you would need them. You would know where to look for them.


Whether you are a working person or a college going student, you must arrange your clothes according to your priority. If you go to office then you would need to access formal wear more. So keep all the formals in a separate section as discussed above. And keep them where they are most easily accessible. Also keep all the related accessories in nearby sections or in the same section (if you have enough space). This will save your time and would help you not to create a mess.


All your jewelry and other costly and precious items should be kept in a section with a lock. Even the jewelry that you use on a daily basis should be kept in the locker. This would help you keep all the jewelry safe and secure. It would also make you less worried about the safety of your precious stuff.

Organize Your Wardrobe


It is very important that you must rearrange your entire wardrobe at least once every fortnight. This would help you in remembering and revising where lies what. You would be able to find the smallest of the items easily and in no time without creating a havoc in your wardrobe.

So, here are some of the very basic steps that you can take to organize your wardrobe according to your needs and priorities. Remember, your lifestyle reflects your personality. And to have a organised lifestyle, you must start with the basics like organizing your own stuff. Wardrobe organizing is very effective step to start.

What are your thoughts about the topic? Do you have some more tips to help us to organize our wardrobes better? If you do, please share with us. Last but not the least, Do you keep your wardrobe properly organized?

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