A few days back I saw a friend’s Facebook status talking about La Pino’z pizza and being a loyal but now bored fan of Pizza hut and Domino’s, I asked whether it was worth trying. And the response was, “It is way better than Domino’s”. Oh god! I was offended just like Salman Khan fans get when someone says anything bad about him.

La Pino's Pizza chicken 18 inch

I needed to check whether it was really so good. Moreover, having tasted each of the Domino’s pizzas like 4-5 times, I thought let’s try it! Note that this is the last reference to Domino’s in this article for I don’t want to compare between these two for I think it would result in an unfair judgement. Also note that as we ordered for home delivery, this review won’t have details about service and ambience of the restaurant.

My experience with La Pino’z Pizza

First thing which we ordered was La Pino’z chicken pizza that consisted of chicken tikka, smoked chicken and barbeque chicken. We ordered for the giant pizza that serves 8. LOL and it literally serves 8. After fasting for like 12 hours, we were two who ordered the pizza and looking at the thin crust, I was pretty sure that we would be able to finish all of it but we couldn’t go beyond two slices each.

Of course, I can end the discussion by saying that the pizza was really very tasty but as I love writing, I wouldn’t want to say that directly. 😛 They had put chicken and then sprinkled cheese over it and then baked which enhanced the taste of the pizza manifolds. The crust was thin and didn’t taste like I was eating nothing but baked dough of white flour. And looking at the pizza as giant as that one is enough for ‘foodgasm’ (if that is something that exists 😛 )

We also ordered tacos, both chicken seekh kabab and chicken tikka & chicken salaami which were really delicious and crunchy.

Here are some points which I would like to highlight about my experience with La Pino’z Pizza:

  1. The prices are reasonable as compared to other pizza brands.
  2. The pizzas are very tasty and different. They’re also very heavy so don’t judge the pizza with the crust.
  3. The chicken in the pizza was so soft, tender and juicy.
  4. The tacos just took my heart away. It took us almost an hour to finish whatever we could from the pizza and when we picked up tacos, we expected them to be hard but they were soft but crunchy. Like is it really possible? Loved the tacos.
  5. They don’t have online order option so you would have to call them to place order. And obviously, you would have to pay through cash.
  6. The product was delivered in almost 30 minutes which is like really cool for I live in a far off area and it does take some time to reach my house.

Overall, I loved the food and the service.  I would definitely recommend you to try La Pino’z pizza. Have no idea about other stores but the one situated at Sector 67, Mohali is super cool. Try it!


  1. Hi Manpreet,

    Well first of all thanks a lot for sharing your experiences ordering pizza from La Pinoz and I guess I’m gonna have to check them out.

    I have already tried dominos several times but I’m not satisfied with them as I’m satisfied with NYPC.


    • Do you mean NYPFC? Sorry I don’t know if there is a NYPC chain as well. But if you’re talking about the former, their burgers are YUM!
      And do try La Pinoz … they have a bit thin crust pizzas. Just wanted to inform as you’re a dominos person and would be used to thick crusts.


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