Have you put on weight? Do your love handles look like bicycles (if you can understand what I mean)? Do you want to look like the way you were before or at least not attract extra attention towards yourself because of the weight? If yes, then my tips on how to look thin might help!

But before that you must understand that there is nothing wrong with gaining weight. If you tend to feel inferior or bad because of your weight, don’t. Your body is your property (yes!) and you have full rights on it and it is you, who gets to decide, what kind of state you want to be in.

If you like yourself with the weight you put on, flaunt it. The only reason why you must worry about your increasing weight is when you start getting unhealthy because of the excessive fat.

At the same time, if you have gained some weight, you would be looking for a change in your style. And that’s where this article is going to help you. I have put on a lot of weight and therefore needed a change in my dressing style so that what I wear would compliment my changed body measurements.

So, what I did is going to be mentioned here as my tips on how to look thin. Hope you enjoy reading the post and find it helpful. Also, this is going to be my first OOTD i.e. outfit of the day post and I would love it if you leave your feedback regarding that.

Tip #1: Choose the fabric wisely

How to look thin

The fabric you choose to wear decides whether you would look thin it or fluffy. In this post on how to look slim in sarees, there are tips about choosing the right kind of fabric, right color, right print and right design and I think it really plays a great role in your overall look. Broader designs make you look short and plump while sleek designs combined with light fabrics make you look slim.

Tip #2 Don’t wear something too tight

Black trousers | How to look thin

It is something that you must be doing in summer… wearing loose clothes helps in beating the heat and it also helps you camouflage your look. You can look thin if you pay attention to this tip. Now, not everything loose would make you look thin.

You have to see which of your body parts are broader than others and make sure you take the attention off those parts. For examples, if you have a broader bottom, you must try to bring attention towards the top and vice versa.

Also, don’t go for something too loose. The outfit I’m wearing is too loose and it is probably making me look fatter than I really am but I chose that because I preferred comfort over the looks and I loved the top. 😉 Don’t go for something tight but don’t go for something too loose as well.

Tip #3 Accessorize well

statement earrings | how to look thin

Accessories make a lot of difference to your overall look and they do help in making you look thin. How? So, I tried this outfit with both flats and heels and the reason why you’re going to see this outfit post with me in heels is because heels made me look thinner than flats did.

How to look thin

The statement ring I wore helped bring more attention to my hands than my flabby arms which are quite visible because of without sleeves top I’m wearing. The trick is same: take off the attention from the parts you don’t want others to notice much.

black statement ring | how to look thin

I hope these tips help you out. Let me know if you have more tips on how to look thin in the comments down below. Would be looking forward for your response.

Top: DG&J

Trousers: Annabelle

Shoes: Senorita by Liberty

Ring & Earrings: Local Shop

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