Finally, I got some relief from the tough exams. It has been difficult to deal with so much of work and exams but I have been doing that very well because of the stress relieving techniques I have been using. I am sure you know about that from my YouTube Videos.

My Online Shopping Experience

If you don’t, let me tell you. When I am stressed, I go for shopping. Once I do a lot of shopping, I feel better and I am sure this is exactly what happens with all other girls. I am not so sure about boys but yeah! You do feel good when you buy something of your choice at a good price. Don’t you?

But there’s one more issue- How to deal with the tiredness you get from walking around in a mall? Don’t go to the mall. Shop Online.

My landlady is certainly fed up of receiving parcels on my behalf but there is no stopping for me. I keep looking over the internet for some good deals to grab some new products. And then I stumbled across an ad on Facebook about Street Wear Color Rich Lipsticks on

I literally spent 2 days drooling over the lipsticks of the brand and I also loved the MTV Muah By Blue Heaven Lipsticks collection. But who was supposed to buy them for me? Moreover, I had never ever bought anything from Jabong and last time I tried a new ecommerce site from India, it didn’t ever deliver the product. I’m still waiting for that(since a month) while I write this post.

But then, Jabong people noticed my blog (perks of being a blogger) and contacted me and there it was! – The golden opportunity for me to do some nice online shopping without emptying my pocket. So, I got a gift voucher of Rs. 500/- to try out shopping from and this post is about my online shopping experience from this online shopping website and also, a kindof budget shopping haul. You need to know what things (yes, things) I bought with just Rs. 500/- (Rs. 510/- actually).


If you don’t know much about, let me give you some introduction. is an Indian Lifestyle and Fashion ecommerce website that was launched in 2012. Yes, it is new. But that’s no excuse for you to not know about this online shopping website.

What gained popularity for Jabong is its Online Fashion Week which has been so far loved by many and fashion bloggers all over the country have loved this site and their collection.

Jabong has that unique point that all online shopping websites should have-  extra discounts that you don’t get while shopping offline. Many popular ecommerce sites in India have actually forgotten why they are preferred by people at first place but Jabong people truly acknowledge the fact. Their offers and discounts are awesome, especially the ones for GOSF 2014. If you don’t know what GOSF 2014 is, you must be here.

My Online Shopping Experience with

So, I ordered three things from Jabong which made a total of Rs. 510/-

  1. Street Wear Color Rich 14-chic Cappucino Lipstick Rs. 180
  2. VLCC Kajal (2 kaajal) Rs. 150
  3. Revlon Charlie Red Perfumed Body Spray Rs. 180

Guys, sorry for getting all the girly stuff (I’m a girl). But girls, you might have noticed that I got the three most important things which are necessary for us to go out of the house. In fact, I can get a complete makeup look with the product #1 and #2 and #3 is of course an essential.

So, it didn’t take me too long to choose the products. I already had the first two in my cart for I told you I had been stalking the site for 2 days before I got the opportunity to actually try out their products. The last one I added was to suit the budget (and that was an amazing decision).

I placed the order on November 20, 2014 at around 12 P.M. And that was sort of a public act for there are 5 girls in my apartment who helped me decide the products (choosing one shade of lipstick was tough). And I got the product delivered on November 21, 2014 at around 2 P.M. Count the time! Yep, it was that quick.

Now, many people who read such reviews call it fake when they don’t get products delivered in the mentioned amount of time. Well, it depends on your location too. I live in a big city and thus, things get delivered here fast. Delivery time really depends on your location.

Coming to the products, the products were too nicely packed. Seriously, there were three thick layers of packing for each of the product. Like first there was that big Jabong wrapper, inside was another sort of thick wrapper which was really difficult to open (Look at the image). Then there was another thick bubble wrap. I am sure even if you throw the package from the first floor of the building, things wouldn’t have broken. It was way too much protection (Good for my products, a little bad for the environment).

The products were obviously good. The new packaging. No complaints about any of the product. I got what I ordered and that too in extremely good condition. Lipstick was obviously a concern for they usually get some kind of problem but as you can see, there wasn’t even a single scratch inside or outside the lipstick.I got the VLCC Kaajal on a buy one get one free deal (for Rs. 150) which was again so good. The body spray is so awesome. And lipsticks… well I still want the entire ColorRich collection. I hope ColorRich people see this post 😉

Overall, my experience with this website has been so good. I was actually looking for a good alternative for online shopping and I am glad I got this one. I have a friend who is really into buying clothes online and he is always buying it from Jabong. I could never figure out why but now I know. They are good. And I have read quite good reviews about this shopping website from the people who buy clothes online. Jabong has some really cool brands like Tommy Hilfiger (I love their T-Shirts), CK Jeans and ALDO. They say they are exclusively available on Look for discounts.

So, tell me which online shopping websites have you been using. My list contained 5 before this one and I certainly need to update that list of 5 Websites you should prefer to shop online. I want to know about your list. Would you please share it with me?

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