Online giveaways are like lotteries. We always buy a ticket but we never win. While I am completely clueless about how lottery system works, I can definitely share some tips on how you can win online giveaways or contests.

tips to win online giveaways

Till date, I have participated in four giveaways and have won three of them. I, myself, organize contests for Brijraj Fashion and know what drives us to pick up a winner. I can share strategies on how I won those three giveaways and what I think you should do to win these online giveaways.

Note: The tips are based on my experience. They can be completely wrong, baseless and insane. Just wanted you to warn you before you continue.

Most of such giveaways are either organized by bloggers or brands. What’s the purpose of this? Usually, these giveaways help them increase the engagement and reach of their network. When people share about their giveaways, they help those brands reach to more number of people.

Yes, it is all about promotion and marketing. Nothing in this world comes free. With this basic understanding, let me share the tips!

  1. Be genuinely interested

If you’re genuinely interested in the brand or blog, you just increase your chances of winning. They would love it if rather than just expressing your interest for the giveaway once, you go on and prove that you’re interested. Be it by sharing about the giveaways with your friends (publicly) or just expressing your excitement about the same, you need to act to show that you really want to win!

  1. Follow the host religiously

If it’s a blogger, stalk them (not literally). Follow them on their social media profiles, visit their blogs, comment on their blogs, share the ones you like and try to connect with them with whatever means possible.

It truly irritates a person if you are over enthusiastic about the giveaway while you completely ignore their brand/blog/personality. So, try to be real rather than a desperate person who wants to win!

  1. Share , share and share

The more you share, the more chances you have for winning. Remember how I told you the purpose behind such online giveaways? You need to help these people meet their ultimate goals – reach more audience.

Start sharing about the giveaway on your online social media channels. Please don’t spam! I have seen people going crazy on twitter and doing 20 tweets in like five minutes. All same! They just look spam and wouldn’t increase your chances of winning.

Rather distribute your tweeting frequency. Spread your tweets or shares all over the day. Add your personal touch to the shares. Tell your friends about the giveaway, why you’re entering it and that they should try their luck too.

  1. Be consistent

Most of the times online giveaways are spread across a week or two. This is your chance to stand out! Almost all the participants do the sharing and required tasks for entering the giveaway just once. Although they do enter, but their chances of winning are close to nil.

The people who share regularly until the day of the results are the strongest contenders. You need to be in one of those. Set some reminders on your phone. Repeat step 1 to step 3 every day.

  1. Wish yourself good luck

Last but not the least, luck is very important. Sometimes, you can do all of the things but still not win. Just don’t lose hope. Keep trying. Stay genuine. Don’t just enter any giveaway to get a freebie. Enter the ones you really want to win and thou shall win!

Weren’t those too simple? But how many times did you actually follow all those? This time, you should. Go and win some online giveaways! Tweet me the experiences @lifeofmanpreet. Don’t forget to tweet this post if you think I gave you good advice.

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  1. More and more giveaways are being held that don’t pick winners using bots. Things like rafflecopter are being less used and hence, I can strongly say that, no, giveaway winners aren’t selected by bots. There are real people who indulge to see who deserves to win. So, point number 5 is important but it is certainly not what makes a person win the giveaway.


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