Do you believe in love at first sight? I don’t but what any of us believe doesn’t matter. The truth is it happens. There are couples who fell in love at first sight and have been together for decades (or five years and counting is also a long enough time).

I am not mentioning it just because it’s relevant in my life but it’s relevant to this Welly Merck review that I am going to do today.

My obsession with watches

Welly merck watches

I realized I am obsessed with watches when all my friends started complaining of gifting them the same thing (of course, different designs) – a watch, back in 2007. I was deeply hurt. I wasn’t trying to gift everybody the same thing. I just loved watches too much and my mother wouldn’t have let me buy all of the available collection in my favorite store and hence, I got an idea to buy and gift them to my friends. I liked it. Fast forward to today, and I am obsessed with this particular brand now – Welly Merck.

About Welly Merck Watches

welly merck review

It’s a Swiss brand that produces elegant watches with Swiss technologies. Keep reading to know how these technologies make a difference in the overall product. Wait! Let me just connect the first paragraph with the entire post first.

So, Welly and Merck are a couple who’s story began in Italy when they fell in love at first sight. They were from different regions and family backgrounds. Their struggle to stay together was real and hard, but eventually, they got married and then started this company – Welly Merck.

Cheap Luxury Watches available with Welly Merck

Being a person who is obsessed with watches, my affinity for luxury watches is, again, obvious. But being an independent woman who already has a lot of expenses, neither can I afford luxury watches nor my miserly heart would ever let me buy even if I could afford one. Moreover, gifting becomes out of question in such cases for normal middle-class people. Doesn’t it?

The solution? A luxury brand that’s not insanely overpriced. It is easily affordable and can easily be your Valentine’s Day gift or gift for any occasion. What do you think?

welly merck

When I was contacted by their team, I wasn’t expecting I would like the product so much. To be honest, I hadn’t heard the name before. But just one glance at their collection was enough for me to realize that it was my type of brand. I needed a Welly Merck watch (or watches). The brand was kind enough to send me one. I picked this watch.

Notable features of Welly Merck watches

Welly merck vs daniel wellignton

  1. Sophisticated design: What would be a great watch according to you? For me, it’s something that has the ability to fit every occasion – formal, casual, party wear and that’s light on my arm and acts as a great accessory. That’s exactly what this watch came out to be. I picked the golden mesh strap because it seemed closest to my need of a watch that would go with every outfit  and every occasion. The big dial is black and simple, easy to use and classy to the eyes.
  2. The Quality of the strap: Unintentionally, the watch went through a lot of testing. Trust me! When I got the watch, I wore it twice and I thought I was ready for the review. But due to my busy schedule and mood swings, I delayed it. But that didn’t stop me from wearing the watch and my dog from considering another toy or thing he can scratch. So, I discovered quite a lot of benefits of this watch. The straps are easily interchangeable, and I luckily got 3 of them- a chain strap, leather strap, and a colorful strap. The chain strap, which I have worn multiple times now, is sturdy and so far, there are no scratches or major flaws that are visible on the strap.
  3. Scratch-proof glass: Don’t forget the scratching part. It’s an inevitable part of a German Shepard owner. Everything you own goes into his mouth at least once. It happened with the watch too (I wasn’t being careless, it just happened… like always). The watch is still fine and the pictures attached have been taken about 5 hours before writing this post. So, I would confidently state that the glass is scratch-proof.
  4. Sapphire-crystal: It’s a well-promoted feature of the Welly Merck watches that the glass on the dial is very strong and doesn’t break easily. I haven’t tried breaking it,  for I love the watch too much, but I have seen videos comparing the watch with rival brands and have seen it win every time. That’s enough of a proof. Right?
  5. 2- year guarantee: The brand is also offering a 2-year guarantee on the product which is an add-on that any of us would be delighted to have. So am I.

Overall, this Welly Merck Review deserves 4.5/5 stars and I would definitely recommend this watch to every man and woman. Buy it if you long for a classy, elegant, durable, sophisticated and versatile watch.



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