I spent the first hour of my New Year explaining to a friend why partying on the New Year’s Eve isn’t my cup of tea. I went to the terrace, saw people bursting crackers, went back to work while I could listen to the faint noises of drunk men and women making their way back to their homes at around 3 am.

I wake up late, and I see 200 WhatsApp messages of people wishing me Happy New Year. Out of these 200, I think I may have talked to only 30 of these over the past year. Does it feel good to get forwarded messages from all those people? What do you think?

New Year

A minute later, my mom dad called me up and wished me. My mom, as usual, told me how I shouldn’t spend any money today, except for on food. The logic? If you spend today, you will spend your entire year spending money. But what if that’s what I want? After all, you can spend money only when you have it (if you ignore the one credit card that has become my nightmare).

Then I wake up and see all those things I did because I knew today was January 1, 2017. I saw my diary with some New Year’s resolutions. I saw the clean floors and clean kitchen (very unusual for me) and found an urge to get ready. This newly found will to do things differently… where did it come from?

I don’t agree that it’s because of the date for years are often decided by humans. If you think a year completes when the earth completes circling the sun, then 12 am on January 1 cannot be the right time to celebrate. Moreover, who decided that that one round would begin a new phase of our life?

See that’s the problem! We all celebrate this day thinking it could be the new phase of our life. We have a new number that we put down on our journals, we have a list of tasks we want to accomplish, we have a list of things we want to drop and adopt. We are driven by this false sense of belief that just because it is the new year, we can accomplish all these things. Our driving force becomes this belief which, in actual, does nothing to our habits or goals.

What’s the result? Your false beliefs disappoint you sooner than later. January 2 comes, and you again start eating unhealthy. You see yourself becoming the same person you were on December 31, and your resolutions are soon forgotten.

I appreciate how you try to use this chronological phenomenon to your advantage, but the driving force must be different. You won’t be able to change your habits just because the year has changed. You will be able to change when you really try your best. Your determination and persistence will help, not a new year.

That’s why my friend, I don’t believe it’s relevant except for the fact that we have to change the year we write in our journals, logs or any document where we write the date.

Tell me now! Is it really worth it to celebrate it like it’s the biggest change in the world? Or is it just wasting your time putting extra financial burden on you and making yourself feel that you can change or enjoy only one day of your life?

Every day, every moment is a new beginning. Treat it like that.

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