Do you want to own a very popular blog where you would post brilliant content? Do you want to be a regular blogger but find it difficult to come up with new ideas and the awesome posts? Do you want to get rid of the very scary ‘writer’s block’?

blog post topics

If these are the things you have longed to do since the year 2014 started, this is the perfect place that you should have landed to. Keep reading this post for I am going to tell you how to come up with new blog post topics for your blog.

Many people who message me praising about the kind of content I’ve on this very new blog have a common question for me – “How do you manage to come up with so many new blog post topics?”

Many of you might not know but I am currently working on two blogs – Finix Post and PerCepTion. Obviously, I need to put in double hard work for I need to write on both of these blogs while following my New Year resolution to be consistent.

blog post topics

When many of the bloggers find it difficult to come up with new posts and ideas for their single blog, I am the one who keeps coming up with new posts on both of these blogs. I didn’t mention the guest posts and freelance work I do. Did I?

So, how do I come up with such new blog post topics? Before that, do I really have the new topics in my mind?  To be truthful, yes I do have so many topics. In fact, my to do list consists of more than 250 blog post topics and since 4 months, I have written about just 5 topics from that list. The rest of the 45 articles that I’ve written on various topics and posted on various blogs including Finix Post & PerCepTion were not even in the list.

Does that mean, those 45 blog post topics came to me just like that? Did I just spend a few moments to decide and write about those 45 blog post topics? Yes. I wrote about them as soon as they came into my mind. But isn’t that the real problem here? What if there isn’t any topic in your mind? What if even after trying very hard to think about a new topic, there’s nothing good you come upon with?

blog post topics

Does that happen with you too? Do you want a magic formula which would keep popping up new blog post topics in your mind? Is there really a magic formula for that?

Before I say yes, I would like to tell that this isn’t a magic formula that was just given to me and I’m passing it on. In fact, no one told me about this. This was discovered by me and just a few months back I came to know that many of the best bloggers around the globe already know this formula. And that’s why I think all the newbie bloggers or who still are unaware about this magic trick must be informed.

Am I really going to tell that to you?  I have to or you will feel like killing me for wasting your time. Won’t you?

Well, the formula or the magic trick is very simple and easy. READING!

Yes, you read it right. In case you want yourself to keep coming with new ideas, you must keep reading new blogs and news articles. I follow the ’10 rule’ which says that I read at least 10 articles per day and the moment I complete this target, I already have at least 3 topics in my mind which add up to my to-do list.

It is said that a good blogger must be a good reader and no doubt, it’s true. Moreover, I consider that this formula provides a double profit. While reading those 10 posts to get new ideas, you can also leave some valuable comments on those posts and create backlinks to your blog. Isn’t that good?

blog post topics

But which posts should you read? How are you going to find some good posts?

Try subscribing to the blogs you like.  Make sure that you subscribe to email updates of all the blogs you like so that you don’t miss a good blog post topic and you can also complete your target of reading 10 new posts a day.  (You can also subscribe to the email updates of my blog).

 Sometimes, you don’t feel like picking up any post from your inbox. What to do then. Go to StumbleUpon and get stumbled to some very new website which might give you an extremely different idea. Did you ever try it?

Well, this is all. There’s no magic formula to success, only hard work is what that does the magic. In case, you want a magic formula to come up with blog post topics, reading is what that would do the magic. So subscribe to some good blogs (including mine), put it in your schedule and start reading.

Don’t forget to share the results of this ‘magic formula’ with me. 🙂

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  1. Hi Manpreet,
    Another informative post….
    I agree, reading daily is the best way to get new blog post ideas. .. I also read some top blogs everyday!
    StumbleUpon is also a best place to discover new things and ideas….
    thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Adithya, Thank you 🙂
      Now I know that there are many bloggers who think alike me and who can help me in proving the significance of this ‘magic trick’.

  2. Yes this is the most difficult part in blogging to select/decide topic on which he/she has to post. But I myself believe that reading other blogs can solve this problem to a great extant.

    Apart from reading other blogs we can use google trends to find latest topics which are trending in world and we can write about those.

    Thanks for sharing your magic formula 🙂 Keep blogging !!

    • Hi Inderjit,
      Google Trends – well I’ve heard about that a lot but that thing never worked for me. I don’t get anything in my head. No new ideas, nothing when I look at google trends. Do they work for you?


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