October 2013 – the month was really special to me, it will be always. After putting in a lot of efforts and seeing a whole website created by me getting dumped into a trash can, I had little hope to see the light of success. But life had other plans for me. Finix Post came as a new hope in my life.

I seriously didn’t have any idea that this experiment – Finix Post would become my identity over the internet. Come on! Even my college mates started knowing me as the one who works on Finix Post. It was an awesome experience to read your positive comments on my articles. Many of you showered me with your best wishes and many more asked to me to start writing a book. I never knew I was doing something that good.

But I thought those words were said by people who just wanted to bring a smile on the face that got tired every single day by working on a computer screen for hours. I thought they were just trying to uplift my confidence. Or maybe they feared I would lose my confidence if they didn’t praise me.

But then I started getting emails from brands. Daniel Wellington, Jabong and many more – they said they loved my blog and would want me to feature their products on Finix Post. They were too daring to ask me to review their products even when they had seen my wrath on the products I didn’t like. Then came emails from writers who loved my book reviews and wanted me to review their books. Come on! They really wouldn’t have read reviews of Sita’s Curse, The Other Side and Recession Groom. If they had, they would have tried their best to keep their books away from my sight.

Then came comments from people who loved my thoughts on different social issues. Maybe they didn’t read any article in which my views contradicting with theirs. Overall, it was a good journey. You all motivated me, kept me inspired even when I was trying my best to feel inferior about myself and my blog. But then why have I decided to shut Finix Post down, to take it offline FOREVER?

Why am I Shutting Finix Post?

Finix Post has been more than a passion to me. It is my baby that has been nurtured with care and utmost attention. But did I give my utmost attention to this site? Did I do everything that should have been done? Did I use every bit of my knowledge to make it the best blog in the world? NO

Other important things came up. Important assignments, important moments, important opportunities… How could I give my best when so many important things came up every other day? I didn’t give my best. I tried, but I failed.

And that’s why I am shutting Finix Post down. I cannot take care of my baby well. Maybe it would be better if it was handled by someone else, someone who would really care for it.

And yes, this is my LAST POST on this blog. Thanks my friend for joining me in this journey of nurturing my baby – Finix Post. If it weren’t you, Finix Post would have had no identity. THANK YOU.

P.S. Happy April fool’s Day 😉

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    • Hey Archit,
      Thanks 🙂 I won’t shut it down. It is like an April fool’s Day prank gone a bit wrong for now I’m feeling bad for making you all feel bad. 😀 🙁

  1. Are you sure you want to shut finixpost ? 🙁
    I think you are doing a great job with this blog.
    Ups and downs do come in life. Though it is your personal matter, but I would like you to reconsider this decision..


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