Ever heard a story about crazy people? That’s what this is. You are so sure what will happen next, you can guess it, but it turns out way different because it’s just so crazy.

The book begins when Amy goes missing. Who she is? Let’s call her the wife because you will never know who she is until the last page. Nick is the husband. You’ll never know what to think of him until the last end.

gone girl by gillian flynn
gone girl by gillian flynn

I mean it’s a story where you will never know. You will never be able to decide whose side are you on. You will never get what just happened until you have spent two long minutes to think of it and then just say ‘wow’! Also, woah! What was that?

Plot of Gone Girl

The blurb of the book Gone Girl paints a picture where the wife goes missing; police suspect the husband because it’s always the husband. It intensified when the woman’s friends reveal that the husband wasn’t the prince charming kind. She was afraid of him. There are strange searches on the hubby’s computer while he’s in denial of everything that comes up against him. Then there are those phone calls which hubby isn’t picking up. Hey! I am not giving away spoilers. That’s the back of the book re-said or re-written.

But is that it? No way. It’s the beginning of one of the best thrillers I have read. It’s so new and amazing never to be able to understand these characters, how they will act, why they shall serve like that and what they will do next.

The first two chapters of this book are slow, and you’re not going to be impressed by them but after that, your heart won’t stop racing. It’s not the curiousness that will make you flip the pages; it’s the knowledge you will gain when you get into this book that whatever that will happen will be something you could never think of. It’s so weird.

Characters of Gone Girl

The characters are like normal people but completely abnormal. Each character has two sides… just like the book’s cover says that there are two sides to every story.

Writing Style of Gillian Flynn in the Book Gone Girl

The book has been written in a very cool manner. There’s one chapter where you follow the husband and in the next, you follow the wife. Things are completely clear and well expressed, but you still won’t know what these two people are capable of doing or are doing all through the book. It’s like you get to know it after a certain point of time but still, it’s so unbelievable that you can’t say that you know it.

And then what you know might be completely different than what it really is or vice versa. It’s an entangled plot with characters as complex as puzzles and twists as unexpected as natural disasters. You get the warning but until then, it’s just too late. You get the whiff that something is about to happen but you can never be sure, and when you’re sure, it won’t happen. I am sorry if I am confusing you but let me tell you! These are well-thought lines. All of these refer to one or other event in the book, and you’ll know it when you read it.

More about my experience with Gone Girl

I did feel that the first half of the book had little too much detail. Like the descriptions of the scene and setup were elaborate. It was good but slowed down my reading a bit. But it was even better as those sections were written in a fabulous manner… the way a creative writer would write. After all, hubby and wife practiced writing as their profession before they were fired due to the recession.

I don’t know how I bought this book but ever since I did, everyone recommended that I should read it. I think I should have read it earlier. It is one of the books you should read before you die and as life is too uncertain, I would say you read it NOW!

My ratings: 5/5 stars I want to give a 4.8 for first two slow chapters but I just can’t.


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  1. Well I recently started reading books and I really love reading now a days. Sometimes I feel like “Why I was neglecting this”. I had also go recommendations about this book but never ordered it. Will surely check this book soon.



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