Today is The International Friendship Day. The first Sunday of August is celebrated as The International Friendship Day since 1958. This trend became extra popular after the arrival of social networking sites.


 I am a kind of person who would never remember a day like this but those whats app messages at sharp 12:00 AM do make you remember such days.

This friendship day hasn’t been that awesome for me for I had to spend my weekend sitting in my rented apartment solving aptitude questions which would never be my favorite pastime. But right now, when I am writing this post, I find it impossible to study anymore. After all, today is friendship day. Today is a day to remember and acknowledge your dearest friends.

I have had variety of friends in my life, like everybody. Not everyone is a part of my life right now but each of them made a significant contribution to the story of my life. Here are some kinds of friends I have had in my life and I think everyone must have them at least for some time or forever.

1. Deaf Friend: If you are an extrovert and blabber a lot, this kind of friend is a must in your life. He would listen to all the things you say and still, you never have to worry about spilling out the secrets or hurting someone. You don’t even feel like you’re backbiting even when actually; you’re just because of your Deaf friend.

2. ‘Guru’ Friend: He has a solution to every problem – love issue, studies issue, career issue, family issue and so on. And you really feel great to have such a friend. The only weird thing about such a friend is that his life is a bigger mess than yours still he is able to solve your problems than his own.

3. Prankster Friend: At 10:50 P.M., a friend of mine called and told me that she just entered the city and have no place to go for the hostel (where she lives) won’t let her in and she is all alone standing near bus stand. In one moment, you are face to face with a set of problems. Where would she stay? If you manage to get permission to keep her at your place, how is she supposed to reach at your place? Why is she even alone there? After an hour, when you were trying to fix all the issues, you get a call from the same friend and she tells you that it was a ‘test’ to see what kind of friend you are. Such kind of insane friends are very common and it is good if you have only one.

4. Cheater Friend: This friend always leaves you in a dilemma. You wonder if he’s really your friend for he always turns his back just at the point when you need him the most. But still, you both stay friends. Because people like these teach you lessons which only few can – how to handle tough and unexpected situations.

5. Understanding Friend: This is an all-in-one friend (Excluding the above four traits). This friend understands you and tries to help you in whichever way possible. You can go for shopping, movie or an awesome dinner with him. You can discuss issues which you can’t discuss with anyone else. You cry and laugh with such a friend and this kind of friend is usually your Best Friend.

All the friends I have had till now, fit one category or the other. And truthfully speaking, I don’t really like how they’re. Sometimes, they are just too irritating and bad. But still, they are the friends which only few have had in their lives. I am glad I have them.

What about you? Do you have friends that fit into these categories? Or do you have friends who are more unique than mine?


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  1. Hello Vibhor, Thank you for liking this post. Wrote this for fun on the occasion of friendship day. I am glad you liked it 🙂

  2. hello Manpreet

    haha i am laughing like hell after reading the categories of frds which u made ..i think iam “Guru type and Understanding type wali frd”.. i am always ready to be formy frds whenever dey need me… But the saddest part is when i need someone i only have a mirror in front of me ..No other frd ..

    anyways its part of life and i love it …. 🙂

    Thank u dear

    • It happens with many… don’t worry. Soon you will have friends that would be there even when u need help. I have had a tough time with friends.. especially girls but then in the end, it all goes good. 🙂
      And that was a great compliment.. I really suck at humor but knowing that this made at least one person laugh is awesome. Thanks 🙂


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